Trapping zones are shown mid air ( 271 (x64) )

I was going to designate a trapping zone but the two larger ones showed up in the air, that smallest one remained on the ground


Do you know what the steps are to reproduce this? I wasn’t able to get anything floating in my tests. Thanks!

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hmm… i had this happen a few alphas ago, i believe it had to do with the trapping zone colliding with the trees hit-box or some such thing, as its actually partially sitting on the large oak tree. will test this later.


come to think of it that might be true, was in sort of a hurry to get it down that I wasn’t paying attention

same with me, but when i saw your screenshot i realized yours also happened beside/on a oak tree,

yeah, I just went back to try get the same result but no luck, they stayed on the ground this time

I belive this was caused by my trapping zone colliding with the big oak tree resulting in the trapping zone resting with one corner on top of the oak. How ever I was unable to replicate the result when I went back just now


hmm… yes i am also unable to replicate at the moment :confused:

I found a repro and its fixed. Thanks guys!


thank you! i love helping you guys out whenever i can :blush:

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Just doing my duty as a supporter of the game :blush:


Also applies to shepherding zones.

If you want to see this effect for yourself, try this:

  • Drag out a trapping / shepherding region from the top left to the bottom right.
  • Place the bottom left corner of the zone on a solid object.
  • The bottom left corner must be in the -x,-z direction. To figure out what direction that is, look at the shadows in the early morning. They point towards -x,-z.
  • If you don’t have the correct orientation, rotate the camera 90 degrees and try again

its also kinda awesome to see how to reproduce bugs :smile:

im loving Team Radiant more each day!

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