Trapping ground brakes all zones

New Update (866) in multiplayer breaks all zones after a trapping zone has been placed.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start new world
  2. Promote trapper/ set trapping zones
  3. All zones now not working

Expected Results:
Zones to be placed and working.
Actual Results:
Zones are placed but cannot be clicked off of the trapping zone (cannot click on any other zone be it stockpiles, farms and edit their filters or settings)

This was happening to the host but no clients have yet to test it, I will reply to this thread if I can join to my friends game (who got the error) and test as a client.

This bug essentially renders the world unplayable as zones are so vital.

Version Number and Mods in use:
0.24.0 866

Stonehearth Cafe

System Information:
CPU: AMD FX TM4100 Quad Core
MOBO: ASRock… (sorry friend doesn’t know the model)
GC: AMD RX 460
Storage: HDD

Hey @Guy_Ward, this error seems to be from a previous release.

It’s a UI error, so press F5 and it should fix the problem.
We’ll look into it. Did you set the trapping zone type after dragging it? Now they work similar to pastures, but it seems that this has generated some bugs. :thinking:

Ok, thanks, again this is a friend that got the error I just reported for him (he’s very lazy) so I will get him to try it out now, thanks for the quick response! :jubilant: