Animals on Trees

Meet the Stonehearth Tree-Fox :slight_smile:

(Apologies if this has been noted. I did search for similar.)


this has indeed been mentioned elsewhere (certainly seen screenshots)… but perhaps not a specific bug report?

@Teleros! where’s your “+1 Hat of Bug Sniffing”?

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It’s actually @Phagocytosis who’s specced for bug sniffing, I’m specced for bug reporting & basic tech support :wink: .

More seriously… yeah this has been around for a long time (though I’m not sure we’ve ever had a proper bug report thread for it, as opposed to amusing screenshots & such in other places :stuck_out_tongue: ), and probably comes down to the fact that the game is dropping objects/animals/etc onto the terrain from above, but only checking the footprint of the tree trunk when doing so (which is, after all, the pathfinding impediment, the leaves being up high).

Not a terribly serious bug (could even call it a feature :wink: )… I guess the easiest way is to just increase the exclusion zone around trees when placing other things, so that they don’t ever try to appear under the leaves.


I thought it was a funny thing to see anyway - and probably a bug…maybe!


I’d be interested to see the chain of events while cutting down the tree… :slight_smile: