Carnivorous trees

This is a one in a million glitch. The hearthling happened to walk past as a tree sapling was planted, trapping it. I didn’t notice and didn’t reset so the tree grew, apparently devouring the hearthling in the process, lol. Not sure of the steps to reproduce or even if this qualifies as a bug considering the specific conditions needed. I figured I should post in case it’s relevant


As sad as that is…that is awesome!!! It really does seem to be a 1 in a million bug, just think about all the timings that have to line up.


This has the all the makings of an amazing feature for the game!


It is a bit eerie that my farmer was eaten by a plant…remind me to speak nicely to the houseplants from now on…


Or not… :cry:
######needed more characters…

hahah love it! this is very neat thanks for posting it~!


Oh noes!
Did the tree crushed him immediately? Or did he starve to death because he was trapped on top?


he was trapped inside the tree when it was planted and then died when it made the transition from sapling to the next size up lol

He wasn’t trapped in there long enough to starve, I had planted that section fairly recently


Another bug for the dark lore list…


the first appearance of the ents…


Someone needs to mod in an “om nom nom” sound effect for when this happens :smiley:


Nothing game breaking, just a little bit funny. Planted trees seem to take nearby goods and even animals with them as they grow. I forgot to take any screenshots but I noticed when some of the trees i planted near my farmland had baskets of food stuck at the top of the tree, amd one had one of my shepherd’s rabbits stuck up there lol

Hey @Albert, I too have seen this, if anything is too close when a tree decides to grow…

Edit: Thanks @Relyss, I thought I had seen this before, but couldn’t find this thread.

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Title: Treehouse are awesome … now what ? (omg! I was passing by then a tree suddently appeared

Summary: Look Ma! I’ve climbed on a tree now I have no idea on how to get down
(even if I chop the tree the worker keeps floating up and down)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Plays hide and seek
  3. Reach the top of the word
    (Honestly … no idea on how to reproduce)

Expected Results: Upgrade to Elf Lv. 2

Actual Results:Sleep and food deprivation



Versions and Mods: release 472 x64 no mods

System Information: win 10 x64, 16Gb RAM, i7 3770k, …

Hey there @carpediem, merged your post here, this has been an issue for a few builds now.

As a temporary “fix,” you should be able to build ladders up the tree to your citizen, or even up to the citizen who may be floating in the air!

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I’ve tried to build one with the tree still there and place some furniture but no one would bring them up and live merrily :frowning:

Funny that the “shadow” of the to be place furniture would “fall” once it is placed … but the citizen will keep floating.

Did the ladder get built, but no furniture was placed? Or did they not even build the ladder?

The ladder was built to the very top of the tree

Hmm…very strange. Will need to wait for @Albert or another dev to take a look at this, I am unfortunately out of ideas.

No worries. I can provide the savefile if one dev wants to have a look (or if someone wants some fun).

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