Planting trees...or the struggle to?

So the hearthlings have a tendency to leave stuff laying around on roofs and other strange locations. They have become better not to do it as much anymore, but they are not quite where it would be perfect yet.
Every time i get a load of new trees ready to plant, they run out and do this, but it seems like always one of the saplings end up on top of one of the other trees, wich makes me having to place a ladder and then removing it afterwards again…

Well small thing, but tiresom in the long run, those goblins demand my carpenter to work overtime you know? :slight_smile:


Yup I’ve had this happen quite a bit too. At first I thought maybe my Gardener had used some of them to make decorations and then started noticing the lil saplings on top of the trees. It’s like the game is assigning 2 hearthlings to place the object in the same place, they each pick up a sapling and drop it in the spot. Doesn’t seem to cancel the second one after the first one is dropped.

I’ve noticed this a lot with building too. If I build a single slab two blocks high it’ll send several out to build it. That’s fine, whoever gets there first finishes it in one swing and done. The problem is after the building is finished one or two more heathlings that were in the running will still go all the way over and give it a tap to make sure the first one didn’t screw it up.


While certainly not ideal - having the sapling end up on top of the tree is much better than what it was a long time ago. Hearthlings died if they were caught in the space when a tree was planted.

That’s dreadful! Just when you thought your hearthlings were safe behind walls the trees decide to prove you wrong. Dun dun DUUUN

I’ve gotten to the point where I just pretend the tree is giving me a bonus sapling lol. Once ya get busy doing other things they’ll eventually drop another available one in the ghost spot.


Hey, I wanted and excuse to build a large mausoleum. Now the only way I can make impressive cemeteries is by playing hard-mode.

But yeah, it’s been an interesting bug to play with. There was one save where I tried to see how many trees I could stack. Couldn’t get passed 3.

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