Hearthling planted a tree on a tree

I farmed a bunch of saplings and decided to plant them all at once using the magical “Place Item” feature (that I’ve just recently found out about lol)

and then… this happened.

I only placed every tree once, no double clicks or anything. (There’s a previous post about trees stacking if you place a tree twice in the same spot, so idk if I should have posted this there??? but I only clicked once to place each tree.)

I’m not sure exactly why this happened, seeing as I only had a certain number of saplings in my inventory and I placed exactly that number. My only guess is that the hearthlings don’t communicate with each other, so when one picks up an item to place it in a spot, it’s not clear to the other hearthlings that they don’t have to pick up an item to place in that same spot as well.


This is a result of how entities on top of entities don’t work as of now. Ghost entities are placed inside other ghost entities instead of on top of them what makes it possible to task multiple placements in the same spot but when one of the objects is placed and has a bounding box blocking the location other are placed on top or adjacent to it because Lings cannot get to the spot.

Ghost item placement is very buggy at the moment but my attempts to bring dev attention to it seem to have failed.