Floating Tree bug

A miracle! A floating tree has appeared in the skies, this has to be a sign of the Gods!

In all seriousness, not really a game-breaking bug by any means, still I don’t think it’s quite working as intended. This bug is related to the bug that causes two saplings to be planted right above one another, when they grow up the result for me seems to be these floating trees.I am not quite sure what causes two saplings to be planted on top of one another but I’ve seen it happen a good handful of times in this save.


totally reminded me of this good ol’ bug,

and more specifically, @Relyss’s awesome redo of the trees,

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So this might be fixed by

If anyone confirms, we can move to resolved…

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I think I can test this, will do so in a min!

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Can’t confirm (yet) that floating trees will happen, the changes made it so trees that grow underneath other trees don’t grow, but ones on top of that. The fact that it’s very easy to plant multiple tree on top of one of another (I actually think it’s more right to say underneath one another) does seem rather not quite right…

A simple double-click will cause this… and multiple clicks just result in a higher stack of trees.

Can confirm the floating tree bug is “resolved”, but I suggest with the changes to tree growth the stacking tree bug/feature might need some work…

I am sure it is not ment to be like this:

It happens if you place two times the same tree at the same spot.
I like the idea of vertical farming but i dont think that they knew of it at that age. :sweat_smile:

This has definitely been reported before, I am going to go find the thread…


There was some work done on the floating issue in the previous develop (2628), but the stacking still appears to be an issue. Paging @8BitCrab or @Relyss for merge.