Stockpiles and AI

@Crobo you correct good sir! This is how the Devs have said they plan to do it, though it might have been confusing because in the Pre-Alpha builds this functionality had not been added yet :tongue:

You will be able to assign a stockpile to a crafter. In the latest live stream Tom said these will be like ‘out boxes’ for when your crafter has crafted something. These out boxes will be in your crafter’s workshop.

AH! Brilliant brilliant! Sounds good to me lol.

@Crobo has the right of it… and this was the only official nugget i could locate…

Fitting doors and windows?

“Our current thinking (subject 100% to change) is that the carpenter
builds the door or window, and puts it in a stockpile designated to
hold furnishings. The workers are responsible for taking the door and
fitting it into the house.”

Jenkies! Another clue! Thanks :smile_cat:

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Also, something overarching for the whole game, is they don’t want you to really have to get down to the nitty gritty of everything:

You should think of us as the orchestrator, so in relation to the whole stockpile thing, it’s likely you’ll designate a specific stockpile with the items you want in there, but you won’t have to physically say yes or no to each item.

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Very similar to the way Gnomoria works.
btw there is a free demo of Gnomoria available to pass the time while waiting for Stonehearth to be released.

thanks, i might give this another go… i just couldnt get into it the first time around… im not entirely sure why either… :disappointed:

failing that, i’ll be playing some Torchlight this weekend… couldnt pass up the free version GoG was offering earlier this week… :+1:

I actually wrote a quick tutorial for new players on the Gnomoria forum. I think it is all you need to play the demo:
Ondaderthad Gnomoria Demo tutorial


brilliant! that will definitely help me get out of the gates! :+1:

back OT, i didnt see it in your guide, but im guessing your drag out an area to designate where specific raw materials are to be placed? are they resource specific, or one spot fits all?

In Stonehearth I don’t know for sure but I guess it will be like Gnomoria stockpiles. You drag a rectangle and designate any item that will be stored there. ie. One type only or multiple types in any combination.
It’s a powerful game mechanic that lets you decide the traffic flow of your people.

sorry, i was referring to gnomoria, not SH… although that is the general understanding for SH as well (specific stockpiles for specific resources)…

hehe… probably the reason why I compared the two games. Same scope, same systems.

The Gnomoria stockpile system lets you open a check list of all possible items to store. You tick or untick any of them.
ie. you can store pine planks but untick applewood planks. and store any logs at the same time.
This allows you to divide the storage in any part of your city where you need the products.
For example (to keep similar to what we know of SH) you have a carpenter specializing in making applewood furniture but not using any other planks. You designate a stockpile near him/her to store only applewood planks. While the other carpenter making generic items will have a stockpile nearby storing any sort of planks.

Easier to do in game than explain on a post. :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:

haha… no, i understood your explanation… :smile:

and the concept is intriguing… it seems to be fairly micro in nature though, so it might not get than granular in SH…

Judging from what @Tom and @Ponder have touched on, we may see something like that though. and I don’t think its that micro, considering its something you decide and do once, rather than something you have to be constantly monitoring.

oh, absolutely… im not ruling anything out… :wink:

im just not sure how much fun (or worthwhile) it will be to have individual stock piles for pine vs. oak vs. fir raw materials… then again, once they have material specific stockpiles in place (raw lumber vs. tools vs. cloth, etc.), i suppose its not much of a stretch to take it that one step further…

Well, that and the fact that its not something you HAVE to do. If you just want a “wood” stockpile, fine. If you want to go more basic and do a “building materials” stockpile, fine. If you want to be super focused and have it separated by wood type, that’s fine too. Plus, it fits with the farming idea of choosing how deep you want to get into something. Are you fine with accepting the minimum/“easy way out” for somethings? If not, you can go as complex as you want.

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I think you have to be that specific about the stockpiles composition.

Imagine that you have a surplus of wheat in your kingdom. Then you open a new stockpile near a logging site to store newly cut timber.
Before you know it your new stockpile would fill with the excess wheat and have no room left for the timber.

So… the solution is to have a single wheat stockpile near the farm (or mill, baker) and exclude wheat from the other stockpiles used for construction material.

true, but i think the issue is with how granular (pun sort of intended) the distinction becomes… will we have individual stockpiles for the 5 variants of wheat we can grow (im just making that up as an example, mind you), or would there just be one stockpile for all wheat types…

and I think that it will work both ways. If you JUST want a “wheat” stockpile, make one for all kinds of wheat. Say that “Wheat X” gives some special bonus when made into cake rather than bread, well you can put that in its own stockpile. It makes sense given the context of what we have seen so far (the farming game, etc) with choosing how complex you go. If I want to have everything in its own stockpile in alphabetical order by type. I can, while if someone else just wants a massive stockpile with everything in it, they can do that too. (there is the middle ground as well, where some stuff is super granular, and some stuff you just let sit wherever)

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