Multi-level Stockpiles?

I have watched most of the streams, and do not remember this being brought up. Do we know if the stockpiles will allow for more than one level? I know they have said Stonehearth is based on reality and not controlled by it, but storage piles generally have more than just one layer of items.

In my opinion, stockpiles would be more efficient if we could use 2-3 layers (anything about that might require ladders/steps as they would be above heads?), particularly in the late game where massive buildings require a lot of resources.

I know the pre-alpha is very basic, but I couldn’t find this being addressed.


I was curious about this too because I would hate for my city to end up being half stockpiles where all my extra resources just sit around. Maybe add sheds or barrels that can store more… compactly?

Maybe higher stockpiles will be build if you only put stackable material (like stone blocks ; unlike beds) but I don’t know. I would like bigger stockpiles but I’ve only seen those XX1 stockpiles.
What about those chests shown in some pictures?

I think that one of the live streams mentioned that you’ll be able to build containers; the Blacksmith shop mockup we’ve seen a few time has an ore/coal bin, for example.


I’m not sure about multiple levels of a single stockpile - it would only seem to make sense for certain materials like wood/ stone etc, I can’t see a stack of sword having a happy ending.

You will be able to build a multiple storey building, which you could have each floor as a stockpile? If that helps solve anything - also as @wminsing as said you will be able to build containers to store more items etc.

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My guess at stockpiles would be single level storage, but mostly likely have some kind of container that can hold multiple items in a single space.

If cargo style wooden crates are used it may then be possible to allow them to be stacked a few levels high, but is probably unlikely to happen.

There was a (brief) mention yesterday of chests as a place to store goods, so there should be at least some kind of containers in the game. Whether or not they’ll be a viable way to create large-scale storage or stockpile centers though, I don’t know.

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I really hope stock piles can be multi level. There is something about a 1 level stock pile that doesnt scream thriving empire.


Maybe they could ad warehouse style shelving units.

The warehouse shelf is a container, that holds warehouse crates which are also containers. That would increase storage per area quite a bit and should convey a thriving empire.

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They might even be able to make some kind of building that would allow for more efficient storing of materials, making the stockpile more of an early-game mechanic.

I agree. I get that they don’t like everything to be stored in a mysterious hidden away backpack. For wood piles and what not, it makes sense that they have an actual space in an area.

As people have said above, I feel that for furniture and weapons and those sorts of things, they really should be able to be placed on a shelf, or into a storage chest or something. It could have a cool little animation of a dude walking up to it, and peeking the lid while you search what’s in there or something.

It’ll make organising things in the world so much easier and the city will look aesthetically nicer IMO.

i kind of like the idea of shelf’s which we can then design into a warehouse if we so wish.

Reason being is that the feeling they are going for is that it is our city. in most games thing like storage generally dont receive much player love in creating and designing them, and we just plop them down as required. which when u are first starting, a simple area plot on the ground is best. but latter game you might want to put a bit of love into it.

if you want a super mega storage area, you could create a muti floored warehouse with rows and rows of shelfs.
or, you could place some to the side of your mead hall to store drinks and food, to create a little bar area. (this is all player design… eg its a bar area because i say its a bar area, and its my city so bleh)

as far as i can tell, it would go well with the feeling they are trying to put into the game. just my two cents worth

@DisposaDwarf I agree, they’re putting a carpenter into the game so he should have to come build your shelves, I do like the warehouse idea especially for guarding against those light fingered goblins :smiley:

I remember watching the stream and they were showing the carpenter crafting an item. The item would shrink to a very small size. To make storing them much easier.

My guess is, if your population reaches a certain level. You can upgrade your carpenter to maybe make the items even smaller. Or they can sell your items to other cities and travelers to relive the pressure. Or they stop collect raw items until you have more space in your city’s inventory. But we won’t really know until they tell or show us.


Super unlikely given what we’ve seen. What we’ve seen heavily imply a uniform grid system between stockpiles, buildings, and ground, that would mean that you could only go by factors of 2 which would mean quadrupling storage amount every time you get smaller which would get overpowered very, very quickly.

Given that you’ll be able to contact other races I’d say being able to sell to them is almost certain.

Unless they change it which seems possible but not too likely we already know this one. They collect resources whenever there is a need for resources for a task and they put resources in a stockpile whenever there is a free stockpile leaving them at point of harvest otherwise.

I’m looking forward to building storage buildings with several floors, filled with stockpiles


Giant silos for your farms. That’s definitely got to be one of the first things on the agenda!

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It feels like I have this faint memory of a video where the workers stopped moving the wood because the first level of the stockpile was full. I might be wrong though.
Either way I would very much like to see multi-level stockpiles with shelves. They could work a lot like the scaffolds. I don’t mean that they would build it around the stockpile to get up. They build it on the stockpile and it has ladders on the side.
If you want there to be a negative side to it then it could be that it gets harder for you to see what you have in store and that if the stockpile is more than 2 blocks wide it will be harder for the workers to get the stuff in the middle, since they have to remove things that are in the way. This would motivate the player to build more realistic 2x rows of shelves instead of just a big 1010*10 cube with all kinds of stuff in it.

I’m not realy sure if multi-level stockpiles would work, just drawing from how other games like Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria handle things you would have a single level stockpile and then containers which occupy a single space on a stockpile but can hold X amount of items.

I would imagine that this is how they are approaching stockpiles in SH?

Having said that,[quote=“Agon, post:18, topic:1201”]
I would very much like to see multi-level stockpiles with shelves. They could work a lot like the scaffolds. I don’t mean that they would build it around the stockpile to get up. They build it on the stockpile and it has ladders on the side.

I’m having a bit of difficulty imagining this, so forgive me if what I’m about to say is exactly what you mean …

I can see you having the base level of a stockpile, your guys then build a platform like [url] this [/url] (obviously a little higher and similar to the scaffold, but not completely blocking the sides of the base level) with ladders enabling travel up and down, with the stockpile on top.

But as you’ve said you then wouldn’t be able to see what was on the bottom of the stockpile unless you have some sort of camera function similar to the house which shows a tier at a time?

I think you got the idea. Wooden platforms held up by a few wooden beams. Very basic, like this. :slight_smile: Also, similar to the scaffold they don’t have to build a complete platform at ones, just enough to give them the needed storage space.
It might be a bit harder to see what you have in store, yes, but that feels like a natural tradeoff when you pile thing up instead of having all of your stuff spread out on the floor. However, if you don’t make your shelves wider than 2 blocks then you will always be able to at least see the side of all the items, just by rotating the camera.
You could also have the option to click on a stockpile to get statistics about its content.

Either way, if you have stuff in containers you would probably have to click on them to see what is in them, so they don’t give you a more direct view. Also, containers seem a bit too magic to me. Make a barrel and suddenly you can put 10 blocks in the space of one? Shelves are more realistic.