Thoughts of a Stoneheart novice

Hi fellow stonehearthian

I stumbled over this precious game by a short article of a games magazine.
Since this is a really interesting project I would like to make some contributions other then purchasing it.

While playing I was thinking about some issues which occured to me, most probably all of them are adressed already, nevertheless I would like to share them and also my impressions with you.

FYI: I am playing on the current Version r58 with latest update 04-11-14 in Steam.

Let’s start with the basics, gathering resources.

First of all I wonder why, lets say citizen A is picking berries, sometimes citizen B steps in to take the basket to the stockpile, leaving citizen A standing there, probably wondering what to do just now.

My assumption is, that all current tasks are just passed to idle citizen to keep them all busy but I got the feeling this could have an impact regarding efficiency once you are able to build larger settlements, especially when gathering resources from long distances.

In regards of those gathering tasks your citizen get hungry, while craving for food they just immediately drop whatever they are carrying and go to the food supply.
So far so good, but what if they bring, let’s just say a block of wood, then drop it to get some food while bypassing the stockpile I built for building material. Isn’t there a possibility to make them just drop the wood in the designated stockpile they are bypassing anyways instead of just leaving the block there to be picked up again?

Since I am talking about stockpiles already…

First thing I noticed is, just a minor thing, but the stockpiles just count upwards.
For instance you build two stockpiles “1” and “2”, you remove the stockpile and place another one then you got number “3”.

Another thing is, while designating a stockpile just for the food supply, and the other one for everything else but the food, the tools (carpenter-saw, traper-knife) will be just moved into the next stockpile you draw on the ground.
This seems like the tools aren’t really handled as tools in regards of stockpile management.

The carpenter

Honestly speaking, I love the “promotion-animation” you created, I always have to check it out, got something that reminds me of Bruce Lee :smile:

A little disclaimer: I am aware of the alpha-stage and do not blame you guys, just try to help you in my own way.
What troubles me with the carpenter gameplay is she/he always get stuck within the first 5 minutes after creating this class.

Probably it got to do with the withs I am creating, so I will just list them for you in the order I produce them:

  • 6x mean bed
  • 2x dining table
    ** here it usually get stuck **
  • 6x cardinal chair

After my carpenter is stuck, there is no way she/he gets back to “live”, in other occassions my carpenter just ignores the cardinal chairs in the building queue and walk around doing nothing.

Do you face the same issues with the carpenter?

Placing the items:

Once my carpenter created the beds (in which the citizen with their heads in opposit direction of the headrest :wink: ) I am about to place them with the [Place items] menu.
But somehow this menu isn’t updating properly, so placed items are still in the “able to be placed” stock and after getting all the shown items placed and the list is empty it will not fill up again with the stuff my carpenter built.

I see this post is already getting way tooooo long, so I will stop for now, especially because I do not know if this helps you in any way, since it is my first one.

There would be more to mention, but I would like to to thank you guys for the hard efforts you put in this game and I am more then confident that it will turn out just the way, if not better, then you strive for :sunny:


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