Building With The Carpenter

I’m not sure if anyone else is finding making building sbeing a little complicated with the carpenter. I’m not saying micro managing, but I mean when you design a building and put your doors and windows in, then you have to go schedule your carpenter to make said amount of items.

I think a good fix for this would be just to be able to automatically add these items to the carpenters queue. Not necessarily schedule them every time, but have it so it checks existing stockpiles as well. For example my visual representation.

(If you get the number sequence you’re my favorite person)

Like I was saying, it just makes it much less ‘managing’ then going back and forth. What do you think? How would you like to see something along these lines possibly implemented?


I like the idea of doodads being added to the carpenters queue! But it might need to be optional, or just clever, as the doodads might already be in a stockpile.

(If that’s the gaming reference I believe it is, have you ever read the books? Will was my favorite out of the group.)

Interesting idea overall. It’s something I think if we do need can be implemented later when the game becomes more stable and we have more professions that require constant attention, but for now I don’t think it’s really necessary.

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I disagree, what if you have multiple carpenters.

and yu only want a specific one to make it.Or one to make the windows, and one to make a door.

The easiest thing for you to do is to set up there to always be a door in the stockpile, or a window in the stockpile. a door and a window or two in your stockpile and they will do it automatically anyway.

You can do this already in game by making the carpenter always keep a door in the stockpile(or whatever you want). (there is an option in the workshop for this) use that.

I dont like your idea.sorry.

You can use Maintain (whatever number) in inventory. which is at the bottom of the carpenter UI.


Indeed I have, I’m waiting for Halo: Broken Circle to come out already.

Well say I do have multiple carpenters and I have them maintain one in the stockpile. A worker will go grab the item needed, then both or one will make that needed item taken, but it akes up space on my carpenters queue all the time. Instead what I’m suggesting is some work around that, so that you build exactly as many as you need rather than always having to remember to setup a maintain.

This is how building works with the carpenter works now :

Finish scheduling a build (carpenter waits for work)
Workers build all of the walls (Carpenter waits for work)
Worker grabs a window
Carpenter checks stockpile for window and now crafts ONE window and puts it in the stockpile (Worker waits)
Worker registers a window is in the stockpile and retrieves it (Carpenter waits)
Worker grabs it and the carpenter crafts another one.

How I would want it to work:

Finish scheduling a building
Workers start on the walls
Carpenter checks stockpile for existing items in queue if none then they start to make the items.
Workers finish walls
Workers grab needed items.

It would be an easy fix. Maybe not a separate button, maybe the carpenter automatically starts when the build is scheduled.

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I think the idea is a really smart one! It would be a nice and easy implementation to the game. I think your idea in the picture, allowing us to see what’s already in our stockpile while creating the house, is nice just so you know what you have and if you dont want the auto crafting, as it has been known to glitch sometimes, you know exactly how many you need instead of having to count how many you have in your stockpile then creating the rest.

Are the numbers 117 supposed to be Master Chief?

you dont always have to rememeber to set up a maintain, once you have it, its there and you need not worry about it.And it is always replaced.

but lets just assume you dont like using maintain (whch you seem to not)

I am a programmer.
The reason I bought up having multiple carpenters, is, how will your building thing KNOW you have multiple carpenters, and how will it know, which carpenter needs to build what. In this case, you have to choose a carpenter for each and every item anyway. As no well-trained programmer would be dumb enough to just use the first carpenter in the list if they want a polished user friendly game unless every single person on this forum voted that they liked this. And it would be a lot of hacking out (unpolished, un-user friendly non-OO)code just to make it work.Now when we get later in the game and have to worry about whether an item is stone, or iron or what not, that will require the programmer to then go back into the (already hacked out code) and change this, and check each and every bit of the building to see what it is made out of , for it to choose the person (who you as a player will have to choose anyway) to build said item. It seems to me, like more trouble then its worth.

Now if radiant wants to go ahead and do it, good for them. But to me as a programmer, I would not like the idea of coding this into the game, as it would be pretty darn un-userfriendly for those who do in fact like to micro-manage things.

User who likes to keep everything nice an orderly: “WHY IS MY CARPENTER BUILDING DOORS AND WINDOWS WHEN I WANT HIM TO MAKE A SWORD, Oh, it was the building… why does it do that automatically again? seems pointless.”

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Valid Point, but your making it sound a whole lot more sophisticated then it has to be… All the coding would check for is the amount of doodads used in the build along with how many you currently have, then it can just assign the task to a carpenter that isn’t working on anything currently. They could program to see if a carpenter is currently supplying the stockpile with items and skip over him/ her. Now I know that might cause an issue if all carpenters are crafting things, so all you have to do is program it to stick the items into the carpenter who has the least amount of items to craft. The possibility of all your carpenters working on something is very rare, but not unheard of. That’s my reasoning for liking this idea.

Not trying to get too off topic, but yea, 117 was the number assigned to John, the Spartan that is known as Master Chief, when he was “recruited” into the SPARTAN program. Officially, he is designated as John-117 or Spartan-117.

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This sounds nice, one of the features I liked in Gnomoria was queuing up productions and having the required materials made automatically if not already in stock, really cuts down on the boring-er micro.

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I want to put an opening in a wall and You Want To Force Me To Fill It Up With Something Like A Door Or A Window? Shame On You.

Why exactly would you want a hole in the wall?

How are you suppose to have ruins outside of your village to attract tourists when they have bright shiny new doors on them?

Wouldn’t you eventually have to make a door for another house if you wanted a nice looking village? So that means the workers would automatically put the door on the ruins when you create it so it’s kind of inevitable either way…

unless you never build with doors :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately the game forces you to use doors. I see where this would be wanted for the majority of people as they wouldn’t want to micro manage putting doors in walls. Doors give you security windows take it away.
What I would like to see are LARGE windows, you know the big bay picture glass windows that cover half a wall.

Shouldn’t be too hard for Radiant (or a modder) to make a doorway though :wink: . Trouble with big French windows though is they really need glass to work effectively, but ATM semi-transparent voxels are rather thin on the ground.

That’s why a an auto craft button may be the best position on this then.What if you could task who to do the auto build?


Well, i suppose that would work, as i said, radiant can do it if they wish, I just wouldn’t :wink:

But still some players may want one carpenter to make the windows and another o make the doors.

And then later we will have to worry about various materials being used for specific doodads, then we have to worry about the mason etc. and it could get weird.