Carpenter Not Crafting New Windows if Traded/Sold

I noticed on a building that i was testing recently that had scaffolding issues left over that if you make a house and it uses windows your carpenter will now days craft the things needed for the house however there is one pretty big issue with this.

The Problem
If you decide to trade and sell any of these the carpenter will not craft new ones to meet the house your building needs and you must manually make them instead of this new feature that’s suppose to craft the thing needed and imo they should also maintain them not just single make them so things like this can happen

Alpha 17 Develop 3008

I think this might be by design?
Like how they don’t craft the dependencies for the items either.

I don’t think they implemented the auto-queue feature to craft until the building is done, just to craft the items once, because you could run into issues.

@sdee is this a bug or maybe we could move it to suggestions? =S

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