Building question?

When you build a new structure with doors and windows, do the basic workers build everything? Or do the carpenters fit the doors and windows? I know irl the carpenters would fit the doors, windows, roof and floorboards but I think having the carpenter do all that in the game is a little overboard. I thought it might be a nice idea though that the carpenter fits the doors and windows himself after hes crafted them in his workshop.

I can’t speak for Stonehearth but to draw from a couple of examples:

In Gnomoria, furniture etc are made by the respective profession and are then moved and put in place by the general haulers.

In Timber and Stone the builders assemble the buildings but the carpenters would make and place the door (mainly cause they make it in the position it will be)

Judging by the fact that they have smaller icons for when the furniture will be in storage or what ever, I should imagine it would be constructed by the respective profession, and then put in place by the generic building - but that’s just speculation.

You’re probably right. I think I’m just biased as I’m a carpenter myself so I want the carpenters to do what I do in real life and actually go and fit the doors. But I guess if they did that, where do you draw the line? It could get to the point where the workers become obsolete and that would be no good.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to get the profession to build and fit, but it all depends on management of it all - it might just end up being too time consuming to make and fit each bit of furniture and as you say, make the worker redundant.

But it could work, chairs and beds etc could be placed by workers, but doors, and lamps, and the like could be placed by the profession that built them? We’ll just have to see!

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Since Desktop Tuesday! A Closer Look at the Carpenter shows both the larger and icon versions of Doors and Windows I would assume that it is the Carpenter who will build them.

if i had to guess, and tie in from what was described in the first live stream, i think that individual professions will make their respective pieces, which get added to resource location (like tools, weapons, beds, etc)… the “worker” class will then likely do the lion share of the building, pulling the required pieces from the resource location as needed…

purely speculation mind you… :wink:

@Schmillt Not sure if you’ve seen this, but you have an answer!

  • Fitting doors and windows?

“Our current thinking (subject 100% to change) is that the carpenter builds the door or window, and puts it in a stockpile designated to hold furnishings. The workers are responsible for taking the door and fitting it into the house.”

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