Fine Items and Custom Buildings

Hey, I have a set of custom buildings, and I’d like to put some of them into a world that I have. However, when I ask my carpenter to make a chair, for example, he turns it into a fine chair, so I can’t put it in. I mean I can, but like, y’know, I can’t, because

Let’s start that part over. “…he turns it into a fine chair…” and it does not match with the rest of them. It really annoys me. Is there a way to make him make just regular chairs, or do I have to make a new carpenter?


Personally I’ve found it’s just better to build the buildings without any furniture and then just dropping it in later, but crafters only make ‘fine’ items some of the time so throw another chair into the queue until it lands a regular one.


This is the exact reason I am not a fan of how the Fine/Specialty items are currently implemented. I don’t mind that they can get a moment of “inspiration” and create them, I just don’t like the random factor being so one sided when they reach that level to create them (I’m sure they will adjust it as time goes on, but in the mean time…).

I would much rather that once they make a ‘Fine’ Item, That it adds it into the craft list as a on demand object. So that way you can now make as many as you wish, it (imo) should cease to exist in the “Moment of Inspiration” list and forever be in the everyday craft list (of whomever that made it).


Agreeing with EvanX3oooo, never put furniture in a building design. That way, you can pick and choose what goes in later, upgrade as needed, and in my experience you encounter fewer errors.
The higher level your Carpenter is the more often he’ll make fine stuff. I prefer to just use what I have and when fine things get made, swap out the regular stuff and sell it to a merchant. Or put it in a smaller, newer home.

Just keep pumping stuff out and eventually, you’ll barely see the starter chairs or beds or tables.


just gonna toss this info out there,

the higher the mind stat the more likely a crafter will make a fine item, so if your really love the fine items you want your carpenter to have a mind of 6, if you hate fine furniture then you want them to have a mind of 1

hope this helps.


To you, and @SirStafford,I do this with most of my buildings, but since I’m making custom saved ones, I like to have the furniture in before, so I don’t have to put it in later 1 by 1.

It kind of does, my only problem with getting a carpenter with low mind is that… well, low mind = dumb. Since the mind stat affects other things too, like crafting speed, I chose a guy with 6 mind at the beginning. Thanks anyway.

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I know that on the more complicated attributes page, there’s one in particular used for fine items, and one in particular used for crafting speed. I don’t remember which were which though.


Curiosity is experience gain, Inventiveness is chance of fine items.


Once it is invented, should it truly be random to make it again? :slight_smile:

Yes, but it is hard to get one high without the other.
@Soul lol don’t even go there


Definitely in agreement with people over the basic/fine item thing.

Once inspiration has been found and a fine item made, the following would hopefully be true:

  • That fine item should then be craftable by choice
  • Normal item crafting (for that item) should no longer randomly produce a fine variant (of the type already made).
  • If a normal item has other fine variants, those may still show up.

That would effectively provide the finer level of items once they start showing up, even if it’s only for that specific crafter (making it even more important to keep them happy and safe during attacks and such!), and could allow for the finer items to require different (more expansive) materials lists to make them deliberately (should always be a trade-off, after all).

Being able to attach recipes on a per-hearthling basis as opposed to crafting-level-basis would be neat, at least (or is that possible, already?)

Would also open up the possibility for a crafter to make a “blueprint” of an item to teach another crafter (with appropriate level) how to make the same fine+ item.

Okay, those last couple of items were me thinking out loud but still… :wink:


I don’t know how the current mechanics work, but an interesting approach would be if the crafter couldn’t create a fine version until he had the required level+1. Then maybe at level+2 you can queue the fine version up, but sometimes you will still get the regular version. At level+3, your crafter can routinely create the fine version.

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For me, the fine system is cool but why :
1 - i place a 2-3 normal item in my house. (4 chair and 1 table)
2 - crafter create :

  • 1 chair,
  • 3 chair normal
  • 1 chair fine
  • 1 chair normal
  • 1 table fine
  • 1 table normal
    – TOTAL : 6 chairs + 2 table…

Why my people place the 4 normal chair and 1 table normal ?
why not the fine chair/table cannot be placed for replace the normal chair/table ?

And for the crafter, the fine chair is a upgradable chair, so it is a gained bonus, so no need to create a another chair.

When i set a house with all furniture, at the end, i have 2-3 furniture in fine set. So i sell it… no need all the stuff…

If the fine mode can provide a +1 for example a chair/table on pleasure when used… Or added a checkbox on the windows craft for have a fine item, here the normal item can be produce if the crafter have not the good experience… but theres items can be placed/used more easily.

here my thought for the fine item.

A workaround for this could be to implement a ‘Use Fine Items’ option to the build mode that would prioritize the use of fine items over normal ones when furnishing a structure. This would remove a bit of micromanagement and allow the player to automatically make use of any fine items that exist (or not use them, if they choose).

Also consider that if you have at least one fine item built, you can queue multiples of that item during build mode. Since the chance to create them is random it might delay the structure being furnished, but its an option.

It might also be a good idea to have a ‘replace with Fine (item name)’ for each piece of furniture with a fine equivalent to make swapping out those items a bit faster and more intuitive.


Related to the “replace with fine” concept, it would be nice if there was a way through tags that all similar items could be relatable so that idea could be extended to all items that naturally group together. Such mean => comfy bed or swapping between all types of chairs.


I really like this idea, and I second the suggestion.

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On the topic of Hearthlings not using fine items, it can be annoying when your carpenter has been asked to make 4 mean beds and then 4 comfy beds from the mean beds but can’t make all of the comfy beds because they were so good at making the mean beds that they produced the fine version once or twice.
It would be nice if, when a fine version of an ingredient item is available, the crafter could be guaranteed to make a fine version of the requested item from the fine ingredient. It would be less nice but still useful if they could use the fine version of the ingredient item at all for creating other items. This could probably be done in a similar way to the earlier suggestion of a “Use Fine Items” option or something like that.

Did anything ever come out of this ?
I still do not see any changes in the game, and honestly, it is still an annoyance.

Well, currently when the carpenter crafts a fine item, he produces both a fine and a normal version, so it’s easier to fulfill demands from traders or from your buildings.

The current building designer will show you only the items that you have in inventory plus those that you are able to craft. To be able to place fine items you will have to have crafted them beforehand, it seems.


Oh I didn’t realize that! Thank you !