"Upgraded items" in pre set building designs

Items like the “Fine Simple Chair” or whatever it’s actual name is, should be used in the design as well. Or at least the items should be used in place of its “lesser” quality version.


a way they could make it is that your carpenter must stumble upon it initially (craft a bunch of wooden chairs until he makes a fine chair), and then unlock that recipe in his recipe book. he can only stumble upon the recipe once, so after crafting 1 fine chair, he won’t make another fine chair when crafting normal chairs anymore. also, it’d be nice if it unlocked other recipes, too (fine chair can have 2 recipes, 1 as a base recipe, the other as a normal chair upgrade. also, as it is, fine chairs cannot be made into compfy chairs, so making it so fine chairs can still upgrade would be nice).


Perhaps something like a ‘Use Fine Items if Available’ checkbox that could be set to indicate whether or not the player wants those items used in the build could be implemented.


Related to this, I would like to see a “swap-out” option when you click on items. This would be in addition to “move” and “undeploy” (or whatever that is called to return to stockpile). That way, you could use that mechanism for custom placed items that are not part of a template or are added to a building after it’s built. Basically click on mean bed, select upgrade to comfy bed, and hearthlings will take care of it for you when one is available. This is to avoid needing to remember where the old bed, chair, lamp, whatever was after it is undeployed in order to place the new item in the same spot and orientation. Would probably require careful use of tags or possibly addition of some other coding, though. Equivalence of an item with its own fine version would be easier, but I expect linking mean and comfy beds as swappable might be non-trivial.


Well at least this idea has been floated before. I find it really aggravating when I have a really great carpenter and building houses. I find that a house didn’t finish because he was supposed to make a doorway and made an upgraded doorway instead. And honestly I would prefer to make the house out of fine items if they’re available just for the happiness. I am usually doing okay in net worth. Otherwise they just get sold.

Unless you have a bug or a mod that change this behavior, it should not happen. Fine items are an extra bonus item, it does not replace the common item. If you get a door, you will get it plus the fine version as a bonus. 2 items, not 1.

I have never found this to be true. I’ve played this off and on for quite awhile and every build I’ve had buildings completely stop because I had a chair or table required and the carpenter built a “fine” version of it and it would not place.

They will not place the fine item in place of a common item, that is correct. What I mean was that a crafter will spawn both common and fine items when a fine item is created instead of just the fine item.

If they do that, then why does building get blocked? It should have found the correct item in that case.

because it doesnt account for another building using it… say you have 2 buildings being built one needs a table as an example and you have 1 in stock… so the second building seeing one in stock does not request another one be built… therefore the second building never asks the carpenter to make one… as one was already in storage when the request would have been sent out… so it just discards the order altogether.

I’ll have to keep an eye on that. Thanks

This is incorrect. If you have the option to make buildings request items automatically, then it will request it no matter if you have it already or not. So you have a table, and made another house that needs one, the build will request a new table, it doesn’t care that you have one in stock already.

I have a question on this topic with the alpha 23 release 766,767. Does the fine Items IE (pink icon wooden wall lantern or blue icon fur rug) get placed on these buildings or not? Sometimes they do and sometimes they do not is the reason why I asked. Is this a bug?