Allow "fine" items to work as normal items for the trader

Or perhaps offer some other form of control over when fine items are created.

I like the fine items, but when appeasing the trader I have to craft like twice as many of what they want in order to make sure I get enough regular ones since a high level carpenter will make a lot of fine products.


Maybe it’s not a proper solution, but I ensure I complete those by choosing Maintain x number of chairs, or whatever he’s looking for, instead of Craft. That way I ensure I get my 5 simple chairs. But I agree, he should accept fine chairs in lieu of simple chairs.


possibly a better solution would be

if say, trader asked for 10 simple chairs

you have 10 of both simple and fine chairs

when it comes to completing the transaction allow you to pick which ones you want to use, if not a combination of both.

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that depends upon the crafters mind stat, the higher that stat is the more likely they are to create a fine item.

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Great workaround!

I guess that’s true. I never notice because I always pick my highest mind Hearthling to be my carpenter…so I always end up with lots of cool fine items. It’s sometimes a pain because if I want just a few uniform items I usually have to overcraft them to get what I want.

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my suggestion would be: trader wants normal, not fine items and fine items are worth more, so the trader might not be able to afford the same amount of fine items. so from that point it’s okay as it is.
it would be great though if i could use fine items for recipes. for example the simple chair -> comfy chair. would be great if i could use a fine simple chair for crafting too… with an increased chance for a fine comfy of cause :stuck_out_tongue: