I'm not sure i'd call it a bug but

Hi all,

A trader is offering me six fox lilies(which are strategically important to me) for 11 Clay Beds while my inventory holds 22 Fine Clay Beds and 10 more Clay Beds.

Upon his return the transaction won’t take place since I guess the Item Code for the Fine Classed items differ from their more mundane counterparts, So far so good - I guess - Although it was a bit dismaying to find out that I had no say about whether or not to include Fine-Classed item in the inventory of that deal.

Taken into consideration the fact that a player would not like to lose his Fine-Classed items on just any deal I would still ask -
Could you please empower the player by adding a dialogue box that asks if we would like to use our fine class items in order to satisfy the conditions of such an event?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


More like a suggestion than a bug :smile:
Since the trader tells you exactly what he/she wants.

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Well but would you complain if you get better items (items of higer value) for the same deal?
I mean if i ask someone to buy his Nintendo WiiU for 200€ and he insted gives me the new Nintendo Switch i would take it. :grinning:


I do agree the game should be clear about the fact that a fine item doesn’t qualify as the item in question.

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I just want to be able to get such decisions on the fly, in front of a trader.
That would make the whole deal more flexible and accommodating.