Some things I've noticed


I’m not sure if these are bugs or intentionally designed as so, but a few things I noticed:

  1. Fine Wooden Wall Lanterns (the red ones) aren’t sellable to the caravans

  2. Any “Fine” product does not satisfy the criteria when a trader comes through (i.e. A trader wants 5 Comfy Beds; you tell your carpenter to make 5 Comfy Beds, a few turn out as Fine Comfy Beds; the trader does not want to make the deal)

  3. Sometimes the Fire Pit, Braziers, and Lanterns will continuously burn throughout the day(I think this was recognized by Stephanie in the UI thread)

edit - I didn’t want to make a new thread as these are kinda minor, so here’s some more:

  1. Stone lanterns (both garden and wall-mounted) aren’t sellable to caravans.

  2. The Meat Stew icon still shows a pumpkin basket:


I know the firepit bug has been temporarily patched for the next update but for now I make sure to pickup it up and toss it in storage.

Belated welcome @jjjshab :smile:!

Some of your points are done on purpose, I think. There are certain items that aren’t meant to be sellable, but we should ask devs because there could be some that have been indeed forgotten.

The fine products also don’t meet the criteria for building templates unless they are explicitely placed in the template. The trader is looking especifically for the non-fine version of the item, so he won’t accept the fine ones, which is kind of inconvenient if your carpenter is making more fine items than normal items :confused:
( @sdee, there’s no way to change this behavior at the moment, right?)

Lanterns working during day is a hard to reproduce one, as far as I remember…