Fire Pits can't be sold

As the title says, the Fire Pits produced by masons can not be sold to merchants.

I accidentally ordered my guy to produce a lot of the thing, and in the end I had to manually place all and select them for disposal.

I realise this is a left over thing from the times before the mason could craft them, and was probably forgotten when the recipe was added.

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Yes, yes, yes! Please @Relyss, please add this to the list of things to fix for coming updates! I know I’ve mentioned it a time or two myself. :merry:

I don’t ask for a lot of gold. The fire pits just being able to be sold would help.

Well we fixed recently the forge/kiln wrong categories and the firepit not being restocked properly.

But the firepit not being sellable might be intended :thinking:
I’ll have to ask @Brackhar. It makes sense to want to sell extra firepits that you don’t want even for less gold.

Can’t find the previous reports of this, might be in another category.


Ok, I looked into this and yeah, there’s an oversight here. The firepits that the mason makes are identical to the firepits that the town starts with. Since we don’t want you to sell the hearth, this also means you can’t sell firepits you construct. There’s a relatively easy fix for this that I’ll put into our backlog.