[Con] Duplicate Fire Pit

It’s not game breaking or anything, but I remembered Tom talking on stream about how they don’t intend to allow players to have multiples.

At any rate, I was playing the Alpha 8 x64 and a caravan showed up and traded me something of mine to get a fire pit. I didn’t think it was the same thing when I read it, but once I received and placed it, I found that it was a duplicate of the fire pit players receive with their banners at the start of a game.

can confirm this - the caravan offers this sometimes

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Yeah, that’s the only way one can get more firepits. I think there are some people who would rather this not be “fixed”.


I can appreciate that, though at some point based on the roadmap and plans mentioned, I’m guessing it’s going to need to be fixed. :smile:

yeah, I think we’ll tag this one for now, as it will likely need to be addressed at some point…

thanks! :+1:

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here a screenshot ^^

Tom mentioned this in his livestreams. You can have as many firepits as you wish, but only one will be your “hearth”. That means if that special firepit (I suppose it ought to be marked later on somehow) is destroyed, it’s game over.

All the other firepits are firepits, but do not serve this vital function in your city, therefore, it’s not exactly a bug.


It’s hard to say whether or not this is a bug, I don’t doubt that it’s intentional at this time. Just wondering that if, later on in the development, if RE want you to get more firepits through trading, or if you have to craft those yourself. Or both.