Cannot sell fine items

The fine chair is not sellable.

In the photo you see it in my stockpile but I cannot sell it.

thats correct - the fine items has at the moment not the lines for this … if you want to change this you can add this:

“entity_data” : {
“stonehearth:chair” : {},
“stonehearth:net_worth” : {
“value_in_gold” : 20,
“rarity” : “common”,
“shop_info” : {
“buyable” : true,
“sellable” : true,
“shopkeeper_level” : 1,
“shopkeeper_type” : “caravan”
and change the value ^^

alternative all say which worth the items should have and i make you the files ^^

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What files do I change? Where are the changes made?

[SPOILER]all fine.json files in the entities - decoration + furnitue: wooden_garten_laterne_fine . wooden_wall_laterne_fine, arch_backed_chair_fine, comfy_bed_fine, comfy_chair_fine, dining_table_fine, dresser_fine, park_bench_fine, simple_wooden_chair_fine, table_for_one_fine, writing_desk_fine [/SPOILER]

This would be better done with mixintos:

For laziness purposes, I think you can make one file to add the stonehearth:net_worth and shop_info sections to the entity_data. This file can then be mixed into all of the fine item .jsons through your mod’s manifest.

This would carry on through to later versions and would not involve messing with the game code

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That would be your part im really bad at making working mods… Better i dont know how i can make them

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