Modding: Questions/Issues for Radiant

I swore there was a topic for discussing issues/limitations/requests/suggestions revolving around moding the Stonehearth world. I couln’t find it… so I’ll make a new one! :blush:

Anything you would like to discuss about your moding adventures? Drop it below!

Since I believe you were one of the ones in charge of the trader system, paging @sdee !

While attempting to add in a new trader into the game I have run myself into a bit of a wall. . . The shop I would like to create is a rare item shop that sells items only available in game though this shop. For this example I will use a chair:

I want to add a chair into my Super Secret Rare Items shop. I add my chair into the shop and test it out. However since the chair is in the ‘furniture’ category it is also added to the woodcutter shop as well. . .

We need a way to be able to ban specific items from being added to shops that generate their listings based on item tags unless they are added by a direct link to the item.

One work around I have found is to just add a different tag, ‘rare’ onto the chair instead but this is super sad. . . :cry: My suggestion is to adjust the system so that if you add an item to a shop using the alias name, it will ignore the “sellable: false” setting in the item.json and allow the item to be sold in that shop. This would allow the item to be sold in a specific shop but since it is technically not sellable it will not be pulled into any other shop.

Would something like this be possible?


Is there any reason why you can’t just remove the furniture tag from your chair? I think the furniture tag doesn’t do anything except make an item be sold by the woodcutter for now. There are separate name tag pairs for making it placeable on the ground and for making it act like a chair.


Because it will not be filtered into the ‘Furniture’ category in stockpiles or any inventory display screen. Basically looking towards consistency. If it were a sword for example you would probably want it in the weapons and sword categories.


@Avairian, thanks for giving this a try! There is a “shop level” piece of data on the entity data for an object, and a rarity on the shop; these are supposed to determine how often the shop appears and which items can appear in the shop. Unfortunately, these are just stubbed out inside shop.lua, so… they don’t work yet! Thanks for reminding us to revisit this.


From my modding experience:
-Added an Ioun stone and had to edit the character sheet .js file to have it show up on the character panel. It would be nice if it were expanded anyway, incase anyone wants to bind an item to a slot that isn’t body, weapon or off-hand.
-Animations for the human rig cannot currently accept new additions, so my Ioun stone couldn’t orbit the Hearthling’s head without dropping the anim inside the stonehearth .smod file. It would be great to be able to animate equipment (at least for my mod lol!)

Btw not had a chance to mod A12 yet, moved flat and have no internet :frowning:
But, have played a bit and the weaver workshops are soooooo cute :smiley:. I am very much liking multiple, animated workshops…

Haven’t had a chance to look into alpha 12’s code yet, so I was just wondering a few things:

  1. How does adding new workshops differ from Alpha 10/11?
  2. How difficult is it to add or change UI elements more than just the skin? For example, a UI screen that works similar to the professions but is a separate entity?

Awwhhh thought I responded… Thank’s for letting me know! Glad I was able to give you a reminder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Next question. I was wondering if there is a way to have an object influence the animation of a hearthling. I want to make traditional futon for nihonjin but need the sleeping animation to be lower. Is there any way I can get the bed to alter the location of the animation?

Also in a similar direction, is it possible to have an object override an animation for an action, such as having a hearthling sit on a pillow japanese style and eat but still allow them to sit on regular chairs normally?

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changing the bounding/collision box thingys doesnt change that?

Come to think of it… I haven’t tried this. . . o.O I usually do collison boxes once I’m on my final review of the mod. Didn’t think at the time that it would make a difference. I’ll have to try it out lol


You can also make a “sleep on futon” action that is a peer of “sleep on the bed” and “sleep on the floor”. If it finds a futon, it exits start thinking and then runs your custom animation.

Edit: that could be kind of complicated; let me know if you have any questions!


Does anyone know of a way to have crafting requirements other than a certain level or workbench? For example, only having some recipes appear or otherwise unlock once a certain campaign is completed? Or only unlocking metal ingots after ore is discovered, and metal weapons after ingots are crafted?


I think Radiant was working on this at one point (you can see on the cathedral chair recipe that it says you need to make 2 simple chairs or something to unlock) but im not sure if the system was actually finished… It would be nice to see!

I kinda think it would be interesting to have all recipes hidden (or at least blacked out) that are two or more levels ahead of the highest level crafter to give a little bit of mystery to the game for new people.


I’m not sure if this matches the topeic so much, but i have a question kinda related to the old one i did somewhere

The arachne matrix was a thing a while ago, and is still a thing.
Even though i did manage to give her matrices a little diet, i guess this is still a issue, i was informed that the game will be able to handle 64 matrices soon enough.

So now i was planning models while setting the matrix limit to… 60~62 (so we have space for the root, bodyPosition, main hand, off hand, the last two depending on mob type)

And it turned out that even that’s not enough for some extreme mobs, a good example being something like a Hydra or Kraken or even a Dragon sometimes

So i was wondering if there’ll always be a matrix limit? (Or is that even something answerable…)

We can always simplify models, but that tends to be a Liiiiitle less awesome


@sdee, will we be able to load a specific set of campaigns depending on the biome?

If I want to add separate, new biomes, with their own plants and trees that give specific resources, how would I be able to cancel the goblin or undead campaigns (for example), load only my own monsters campaigns and do it only when my biome is chosen? :confused:

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