Blacksmith Caravans/Wares

I’m not sure if a blacksmith shop already exists, but I have never gotten a travelling merchant trying to sell me metal stuff. it would be great if they did.


hmm the title of this thread seems strange to me. when i first read it i thought you meant the blacksmiths workbench area thing… perhaps blacksmith caravan merchant or something would suit it better…

Yes I was confused by this thread also, can you rename the thread to Blacksmith Wares Seller or Buying blacksmith wares :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok i have understand it on the first run ^^ and its easy to make - just c&s one of the other shops rename him and change the material + categorie in the file and also add this show to the stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\trader\arcs\caravan_shops_arc.json … now you have an metal shop but dont forget that you also must add infos to metalitems that you can sell and buy them for example:

“entity_data” : {
“stonehearth:net_worth” : {
“value_in_gold” : 32,
“rarity” : “common”,
“shop_info” : {
“buyable” : true,
“sellable” : true,
“shopkeeper_level” : 1,
“shopkeeper_type” : “caravan”

but because there are lots of changes i think just wait ^^ the devs will perhaps get this info and make one :wink: