Merchants' stalls could be really fun, but they're kinda frustrating

On the one hand, they’re absolutely vital to playing Raaya’s Children in a desert biome, since it’s otherwise not really possible to get enough wood. On the other hand, that’s the only time they’re useful, it’s infuriating to make several stalls and click through each only buying 1-3 wood at a time. The unlimited ability to sell stuff isn’t even useful, since the only time you could use gold elsewhere also has a sale option.

And honestly, it’s just not even a fun or sensible mechanic to be spawning generic merchants that only have 2-6 items to sell. It would be a lot more fun if merchants’ stalls had a random merchant pass through every day or two, essentially acting as a more frequent, convenient version of the existing merchant visits. Bonus points in that you could have an array of merchants with more bulk or variety that only appeared at merchant’s stalls. Which would be especially cool since playing a trade town would actually be practical, since right now there’s not much point in paying for things you could make yourself with less effort.

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like i now thats the idea behind it ^^ it was just a try to implent stalls - like you can see that it has only wood and stone at the moment xD

Eh. Okay. The incredible level of quality on everything that works makes me keep forgetting it’s an alpha game. I can accept that there are higher priorities on the devs’ minds, even if this seems like it should be a really easy thing. (Because I’m aware that the seemingly easy things frequently aren’t…)


if you want is really simple to add more stuff to the trader but if its not balanced then it will probably kill the fun of the game xD

its in the basic_resource_shop.json ^^

This possibility intrigues me, but I can’t find a basic_resource_shop.json? Is it in one of the pak files? How does one un-pak a pak?

its in the stonehearth.smod file ^^ thats an zip so just rename it to zip if you cant open it and then you will find it under data/shoips

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Now I have a question. I see there is a min and max value for every trade position.
Two. Two questions.

  1. Can we use 0 as min?
  2. Can we somehow make a list of items from which there is a max spawn?

What I have in mind is: create a trade position that will randomly select 0-3 (for example) items from the list, set quantity of each randomly to 0…max, then add them to the current summoned merchant.

So every time a merchant is called, he will have a chance to sell a randomized number of “premium” items. This way there will be a chance for him not to have any of them, or some of them, but not all of them at once.
We now have items that are acquired only through drop (stone tall candle/firepit). If we will also have items that are “for sell only”, or have difficult crafting conditions, this would be an interesting way to get them, while also making merchants more useful.

Or maybe even like this: make it an “unlockable” option. So you’ve made basic trader stall, then by upgrading it you get access to high tier stock.

I can see where merchant mechanics can also be used - in the multiplayer (when it gets implemented). Imagine two players exchanging trade convoys, while goblins try to raid them on the route.
Or even make a merchant a hearthling class, getting XP from buying and selling (and trade routes), and unlock new tiers as he levels.

Edit: aaaand another idea on top of it. Make “requests” available for merchants for basic resources. For example, usually merchant has a stable stock of 1…5 wood. We tell him we want, say, 20 wood, making a request.
Next time he is summoned, he has the amount we need (or has a good chance to), but at an increased price (as he made more efforts gathering his merchandise).

To sum up. Right now market stalls are very much a concept, but I can see many ways they can be made a cool thing. I hope the devs will get to it sooner or later. In the meantime someone can make a mod aimed at this.