All Market Stalls have the same Merchant shop! An outrage!

Okay, I have 2 blue market stalls, and both of them have the same merchant: a “Basic Resources shop”. Is this just how they work, or are there other shops available? I really hope they are not all the same, cuz that would suck… a lot. There should be a basic materials (stone & wood & clay), Animal Resources (Pelts, Jerky, Meat, etc.), a builder (deco), a miner (ores), and at least a combat shop (armor and weapons). :grin:


They are (right now) all the same.


if i’m not mistaken, one of the main reasons the market stalls were implemented was to allow players to get rid of all their excess materials if they hit the inventory cap.

that being said, (as far as i’m aware) the team does plan to expand upon them later and add more variation.

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