Market stall ideas ( and more types of stalls)

this would open up the ability for more market stalls and patterns

the blue market stall could be changed to 'wooden market stall’
Sells:wood, wood piles

a weavers market stall: ( could look like the ‘blue’ one but make it green?)
crafted by 5 wood 5 leather 5 cloth an 5 thread
sells: silkweed bundles, wool

Stone market stall: ( would have the same looks as the clay stall)
crafted with 1 stone pile
sells: stone, stone piles

Smiths Market Stall (bronze look with black and grey top)
crafted with 18 metal ingots
sells: random ores with low chance of silver and gold ores ( 2 or 3 types at a time)

Chef’s Market Stall
crafted with 9 wood and 9 stone
sells raw cooking items (food baskets, jerky, raw mutton and raw poyo)

Herbalists Market stall:
crafted with 9 wood 9 stone
sells frostsnap and brightbell, varanus skin


hmm… interesting idea, i might try my hand at modelling a few of these if i get time later today…

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might be an interesting idea. since currently both the blue and clay stalls both sell wood and stone

it would make a nice option to have a ‘market’ using different stalls

I would like to see different models as well - or possibly very similar looking stalls, but different items sitting on top of them.

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hum having miniature items sitting on the actual stalls is a neat idea

thats what i was thinking of doing if i get a chance to make models based on your descriptions above :smile:

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Well… +1. Love the idea of more diverse traders :smile:

I cant wait to see what @8BitCrab comes up with when he gets a chance to model them

It would make your trading area look like a real market with multiple different stands, would be great!!

well to add a bit more variation you could always use my “colorful market stalls” mod :wink:

OOO this would be a good idea, rather than waiting for say cloth for so long at the market if you have a weaver market stall its more likely to come up (if your too lazy to make it yourself haha)

I really liked this idea, and I just finished the foundation to make market stalls have a little more functionality so we can create better ones. If anyone wants to submit more ideas, or stall designs, I’m working on making it happen.