Fabric roofs / market stalls? Ideas / help

Looking for help, I want to make a busy market and I need stalls, but using blocks will make them look more like huts? So any ideas, thanks!


Take a look at the furniture expansion plus mod by pandemic. There are some tiny little stalls in it. You can’t put anything in the stalls though.

That’s what the stalls look like in game.


I don’t know about ideas, but a good reference is Minecraft. Plenty of market stalls have been made with that game. Although they have stair blocks… Quite a few of the market stall were made with whole blocks and fence. Don’t think you can do the fence part, but that can be simply replaced with blocks.

Think an Arabian Nights in the market with a canopy that hangs over a counter with wood supports. The more space given for a stall the more open air it will look. A box with a whole only makes it look like a ticket booth… So it might be best to have both sides clear. The counter maybe 2 high? or maybe use actual tables for the counter. Just make sure you have enough space between the posts holding up the canopy.

The canopy there are color options, but you could stripe it like a circus tent; which is the common one I’ve seen to give it not so much a solid look. As well somewhat arc it up by like one block. Like the front of the canopy 1 block across and go up 1 for 3 rows leading back to the backing of the stall. Could use fence gates for the side entrances.

Might sound tricky to do it all that way, but would make it look feasible, and yes it would be tricky. Only because you would have to gauge space for the furniture that would go in; unless you have some already made.

I’ve worked with minecraft long enough to get some of the blocky things to look decent enough. Nothing big like so many of the people out there, as I generally work with small things or medium sized I guess…:smiley:

Any comments? @tamorr

hmm… when RC first were introduced i remember somebody using carpets as the roof of markets stalls and such, but i cant remember who it was… gimme a bit to check around and see if i can find it.

edit: here we are, as i thought, it was @Averest,


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Yeah something like that… Could even go 3 tiles up with that, but might be a bit much on the one to right.

The one in back, the biggest and widest one does look a bit odd with it being just 2 levels.

Of course I was thinking only the blocks in the first row would be the first level and would up up after that block and back.

As to the one that looks odd I would have to say would have been probably better adding a 3 level to it since it is a lot bigger than the rest.

But for the most part you got the idea. The 2 tone stripes being just right and gets the rough idea within the limitations.

Although usually I would have the posts aligned, this seems to work. They look like canopy. Although unsure of the red one and grey one, as the colors… blending too much. In those instances possibly having another color to compliment them. But still works to an extent. Like the selling displays.

Could also be a bit higher too to have another line hanging lower on the front posts…

Might have to tango with that later when I have a chance.

But yes if you are looking for more curvature in the canopy you will probably have to add another level. I’ll keep in mind to get a picture once I’m finished; might end up being later tonight though…

while not exactly what you are looking outdoor eating canopy.zip (1.4 KB)for, this is kinda close.

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How did you get the… Yak? Bison? CowSheepDeer?

The froggy’s stonehearth cafe mod gives you more farm animals. The yak gives milk to make cheese <3


This is what I was meaning by the last post. A couple variations.

Was surprised they built them, although a bit heavy on the scaffolding, even if they cleaned up everything.

So basically a 3 tier shape. I showed the back because it was something I came up with working on them. Mainly it is the canopy I am referring to. The extra wood bits, I well… did for more structure to it.

Simple like the ones the other person made above.

Well the main center of the canopy. The white edging was mainly flair. I think they turned out nice with a bit of room for crates or what ever container you would want to put in a stall in the back.

Really like the canopy work on the other person’s as well, didn’t think of that. :slight_smile:

Here is the templates if you want them:
Market_Stalls.zip (2.4 KB)

It is both that are in the pics.