A Clock Tower for any town


I hope this works, Enjoy. Left the top floor solid so yall can do what u want, aka stairs or ladders, just make sure u open it. Idk if the image will work for the blueprint.

Clocktower.zip (324.0 KB)


the market stalls are neat, what are they made from?

and do you have the file for that one :grin:

The market stalls are free slabbed and yes i have the Blueprints of them, in double 1 blue and 1 red


I’m loving the clock tower!

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@micheal_handy76_mh Nice! Is the clock functional? (i.e. does it operate the same as the game clock in the upper-right part of the game screen?)

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wow that is a nice piece. Your market stalls look similar to mine that I recently made, although mine has stone for the counters. I play RC mainly…

The clock tower will be good for when i want to work with a lot of AC buildings. Not sure that would fit in with the building style of RC… Although could make adjustments or use this as a reference. :smiley:

Those canopy structures to the far right look interesting… what are they? Open air market, or another version of the small stalls?

unfortunately no :(. I wish

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those my shops with over hangs, and the back end is stockrooms for their wares.