[Mod] (A15) Colorful Market Stalls: Version 3.1!

what this adds:

“Colorful Market Stalls” adds 5 new colors of market stalls, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. it also adds 2 new clay market stall colors, Red Clay, and White Clay.

each stall has its own crafting recipe so that if you only want certain colors you can do that, but i also included a “random stall” recipe, which will result in a random color of stall. there are “fine” versions of all the market stalls and clay market stalls, however these “fine” stalls cannot be gained through the random recipes.

its a pretty simple mod but i feel like it adds quite a bit for variation.

known issues

  • none yet!

planned features

  • none right now.

V3.0 download:

also on PraiseDB,


and StonehearthMods.co,

(don’t know how to update mods on stonhearthmods.co…)


the rainbow market!

and the not so rainbow market…

thanks to @Drotten for the random crafting script, once again i have put it to use…

i hope you like it, and if you run into any problems please report them here in my thread!


This should be a feature in-game!

Will probably be giving this a swing when I get into A15

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I am asking this question because I did not see the smod download button at “first” and was looking at the individual json entities.

How do you install the mods when they are not in the smod format. I saw a post where it talked about the difference between manually adding them and smod. or a better question is how do you create an smod.

another reason is that I downloaded the Tuhalu mod, and its broken into the different folders (data, entities, jobs, etc…)

if you had a link to a tutorial that would be great.

Thanks for all you effort.

sorry in advance if my answer doesnt make much sense, somewhat distracted at the moment,

yeah…google drive can be somewhat confusing for downloads, i should probably switch to something else

hmm… mods should always be in the .smod style, if they aren’t then they’re not really a mod…

mind linking the post?

a .smod is just a renamed .zip file, to create one turn on file extensions, .zip a file, then change the extension from .zip into .smod, thats all there is to it.

which mod, again, mind giving a link?

tutorial for what exactly…?

no problemo mate,

again, sorry if my answer doesnt make much sense, just slightly distracted right now, if you need further clarification dont hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

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Complementing 8bitcrab
Also, a mod can be a simple folder with the jsons inside, not only .smod files. If the hierarchy is correct, you don’t need to zip or .smod it, (although you should when sharing it for easy access)


You have definitely help me out in my understanding.

I am not sure how to link to post in the forum but the post was “Mods from Tuhalu” the link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/94635928/tuhalu.smod, downloads a zip file. I did not know all I had to do was change the extension.

I will look for the post that talk about manually adding things but now I think I may have been confusing a process of adding images made in Qubicle and such into the folders that are used in smods. (my head is now exploding)

In regards to a tutorial: I was looking for something that covered how to make an smod. , it seems like I was thinking it was more complex that what it really is.
I had seen you post other tutorials is why I had asked.


whats new

  • individual recipes for all market stalls.
  • separate random crafting recipe (it doesnt override the blue stall anymore ;))
  • two clay market stall colors
  • fixed storage tag to match the blue stall (furniture -> decoration)

known issues

  • none!

everything appears to be good, however i didn’t check every single stall to see if i did the i18n correctly, so there might be problems with that… its also now on PraiseDB and StonehearthMods.co!

i don’t really have any more plans/ideas of what to add to this mod, to me its complete, however if anyone else has an idea of what i should add, feel free to suggest it!


really cool!
love that you added clay market stalls :thumbsup:
thank you for sharing! This will make my market so much more lively :grin:


Hah looks awesome congrats on this sweet mod! :smiley:

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You could add a “refined” item as a small chance when crafting them, like the refined beds, chair, tables, etc… we have when recipes are crafted by high level crafters.


oh, nice idea! at the very least i’ll make a model for it, and then if i get time i’ll implement it.

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a suggestion for @BrunoSupremo’s idea the refined market stall could be a “real” rainbow stall like having all 6 colors in one (if this is possible for the model)


easily possible,

though it won’t be the fine version, i actually already have a rainbow market stall in place for next release :slight_smile:


For the refined version, instead of it being monochromatic like the others, (main color with darker stripes), make them have white stripes, (red, white, red, white) it will make it pop a lot more and look more colorful.


hmm… thats an interesting idea, currently i’m going with the more “traditional” fine version of furniture with adding gold bits to it, you can see my current fine version here,


only problem with doing the white stripes would be i wouldn’t be able to do a fine version of the rainbow stall…

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@8BitCrab oh wow just looked at your fine versions totally in for them you really captured the “refined stonehearth-feeling”. I would go with them good Job!

edit: [quote=“8BitCrab, post:13, topic:21008”]
i actually already have a rainbow market stall in place for next release :slight_smile:
Yay :heart_eyes:



whats new

  • rainbow market stall
  • “fine” market stalls
  • “fine” clay market stalls

known issues

  • none!

again, everything appears to be good, however i didn’t craft every single stall to see if i did the “fine” stuff correctly, so there might be a few problems.

i don’t really have any more plans/ideas for this mod, so unless there’s a problem or someone suggests some super amazing idea i cant live without, i’ll be taking a break from this one and going back to working on “Armory Expansion”.


Yes, someone who uses google drive for mods!

Hey crab, could you add, not so colorful market stalls :slight_smile: please.
Or make it to a second mod.

sorry for my confusion, but what do you mean by “not so colorful”? less saturated and not so bright colors? grey, white, and black stalls?

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