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Decorations for Workshops

This mod adds some decorative and also functional Items to the game.
Always wanted to decorate the Workshop of your Hearthlings? With this mod you have a great selection of Items to decorate it.

For now are included new items for the Herbalist Workshop and the Cook Workshop. Working now for the Cook Workshop Rayya… stay tuned for Updates! :bell:

Download the MOD
homesweethome.smod :white_check_mark: works with Alpha 23

New Features

Version 2.3

Update - Bring light to the world. (part 1)

Version 2.2

Update that works also for Savegames.

Version 2.1

New Cook Models updated for the Rayya Children.

Version 2.00

Cook Update with some additive entities also for the Blacksmith, Potter and Carpenter.

Version 1.03

Model variations for the Herbalist. New models for Library (also Rayya), Herb Table (also Rayya) and Herbs Corbel (also Rayya)

Version 1.02

A small Update including some models adapted for the Rayya Kingdom like Cactus-flower planter boxes and some furniture and decorative elements.

New Models:

  • Small Cactus-flower planter box
  • Large Cactus-flower planter box
  • Rayya Bookshelf
  • Rayya Herbalist Bookshelf


blacksmith Blacksmith

carpenter_menu_icon Carpenter

cook Cook


potter_menu_icon Potter


herbalist_menu_icon Herbalist

mason_menu_icon Mason

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First version includes furniture and decorations for the Herbalist.


Herb Table

Small Case
Large Case
Small Jar
Large Jar

Herb Corbel


Looking great :slight_smile: is it only the Herbalist so far?

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Thanks! :smiley:
For the first Version unfortunately yes, only the Herbalist. But i’m planning to add Items for every profession. Stay tuned for updates :wink:


Looking forward to see more in the future :smiley:!
More Decorations to the People!


ok, just by looking I wish this stuff was in vanilla.


Definetly a like. The herbalists will love that and maybe it is an inspiration.
Pls go on.

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looks nice. I’ll keep an eye on it for now and see what more you add for each profession ^^. keep up the good work.


That looks absolutely gorgeous, well done.


Looks good @pingu . looking forward to see the other crafter’s items


Hey, it’s looking great :slight_smile:

Since few day I have an idea for herbalist, maybe you could add it on your pack if you like it too ^^.

I was think about a planter box able to be harvest by the herbalist to get some flowers. But of course giving less than a field for flowers ( it’ll be so op ).


What a cute mod! I love that style.

I’ve translated it into Traditional Chinese, hope you don’t mind. :blush:


Such a nice idea! I will try to add such a Planter Box to the Mod… But maybe i need some help of a more experienced User.

But it’s a good idea! If you have other ones let me know

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I’m glad you like it ^^
No, no problem. Feel free to change it :smiley:

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This is looking ever so lovely - good job! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the remaining workshops :smiley:
I’m sure this will become a mod used by me (any many others) soon! :slight_smile:

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Dude, I love this! This being your first mod it looks great!

I hope to see more of the mod in the future. @pingu :jubilant:

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These are really, really beautiful! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


So awesome! Thank you for sharing : ).


I’m happy to see all this positive reaction

Thx to all!! :blush:


Love the additions! Can’t wait to add some bookshelves!