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Firstly, just let me say that I frickin love this game. This is the exact game I’ve been looking for years, and I am overwhelmed that this is still an alpha. I can only imagine how great the end product is gonna be like.

I do, however, have a few areas of improvement to suggest after building 2 30+ hearthling settlements. Still a noob, and very new to this forum, so if I bring up something that is already mentioned or even in progress of change, my sincere apologies.

Ok the first thing I hope to be implemented is a manual priority system. Both of my settlements have sooo much stuff on the ground waiting to be looted, but those little idiots almost never prioritize looting over anything. If this is something that can be controlled, it would be a great improvement of life quality. I know the trick that placing a storage item beside the loot will sometimes cause them to be looted, but ONLY sometimes.

Another similar issue is that when my clumsiness triggers and misplaces a thing, say a fence, when I ask the hearthlings to remove them, they ignore me completely. This severely hinders my progress to fancy up the map. Also pausing everything except for hauling still doesn’t get them to remove things from the map.

Also the game seems to lag a little with 20+ hearthlings. I know that for now 20 is the maximum hearthling to have without performance issues, and I hope this cap can be raised significantly so that mega settlements can be established.

Lastly, I would really want more Stonehearth! All of it, craftable items, raw resources, crops, animals, jobs, enemies, building styles, food, literally all of it! I simply can’t get enough of this game. One particular thing is the engineer. This job seems to have enormous potential, maybe one day hearthlings can have their own dedicated transport vehicles?

Once again this is such a wonderful game, and I can only imagine it becoming better!

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Perhpas a look in the Current Mods section (or it’s parent, the Modding section) could help you with some of this :slight_smile:
There are a few mods which “only” serve to add extra content - all super easy to install, too!

But I do agree, the base game would benefit from additional content as well :slight_smile:

Will do! Thanks for the suggestion!

However I would really want to have the contents being integrated into the game; I would rather not to add a ton of mods since it might corrupt files or cause crashings? I haven’t tried yet, and I don’t want to find out:joy:

I do feel like the simplers ones should be safe, and might give them a go. Thanks again!

Any time!

At first, I was uneasy at the thought of playing with mods, too - but I have to admit I was pleasantly suprised over the simplicity of adding mods to Stonehearth.
All you do is place one file (a .smod-file, which is a renamed .zip-file) into your mods-folder and it’s done :slight_smile:

I have not ran into any crashings or corrupted files from adding mods.
If a mod prevents you from starting Stonehearth, simply remove the .smod file from your mods-filder. Other than that, I believe the in-game error-report will be able to inform you of anything that went incorrectly.

If you find yourself stuck, there is plenty of help to find here on the forums. I guess perhaps even I could be of assistance if required :slight_smile:

That is awesome to hear!

Do you have any recommended mods that add more content to the game?

I would really, really suggest you to use these mods - they don’t add content persay, but nice features:

Personally, I love the additions in these mods (only keeping an eye on the mods for now, but will use them soon):

This might be of your liking, too (again, nothing I’ve played with myself):

Some mods that seem to add more advanced stuff (I have not tried these mods myself):

That’s just the ones from the top of my head - I’m sure you’ll find some great ones out there :smiley: