[MOD] Daily Update Tracker

Hello all!

Inspired from this post, I made this mod to calculate and show how much is needed for the next daily update in order to get a new citizen. The values are shown at the bottom in the town overview screen.

Download links

Google Drive
GitHub repository



Now I can manage to play on how slow or fast the combat phase. Thank you!


I’m not sure but there are some instances that the tracker doesn’t show after the first update.
can you check?

Hmm, not showing on some instances worries me. I’ll check it out later
today; when I have the time.
Thanks for letting me know!

sorry, that was before the first update, not after.
my mistake, but still…

Are you perhaps seeing that the Morale is at 0/4? Or do you mean that the
entire tracker isn’t showing?

yes, before the first citizen update but after that, the tracker shows up.
not quite sure but at some instances this happens.


Found and fixed the issue that you mentioned @Hunyo18, apparently the tracker wasn’t showing because there was no food available. But now it shows up even if there’s no food there.

The download links have been updated in the first post.


Have an issue, kept an eye on my “Daily Update Tracker”, all was/is green but alas when time came No new personage :cry: Can see Tracker is all green but… seems to be an error somewhere

Hmm, that’s odd. It should show the correct values. I’ll look into it!

Thanks appreciate the quick attention :slight_smile:


Fixed the issue now @Unatan2 (thanks for letting me know, btw. Have a cookie :cookie: ). Turns out it was because of how differently Lua and JavaScript calculates the power of a number, which in turn made some wrong calculations for net worth in my mod.

Anyway, the download links have been updated in the first post.


This mod requires an update for compatibility with Alpha 20.


That’s true, thanks for mentioning it! I didn’t think of looking for this since no errors popped up…


##Mod Update!

Updated the mod to work with alpha 20. The change here is that it no longer shows the morale requirement, as the daily updates currently only need food and net worth. It will still, most likely, work for alpha 19 as well, just keep in mind that it won’t show the morale requirement.

As always, the download links in the OP has been updated.


hey just curious what version of the game does this mod work with? i’m on the latest a21 build and was curious if this worked with it too.

Hey, this mod does still work even with alpha 21; this mod is still not yet broken. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for letting me know!
The link has been updated, though it was weird that only that link was affected…