[NaB] Morale never changes from 4 in the Daily Update

as the title says the morale never raises above 4 on the Daily Update menu,

not sure if its classified as a bug, but i thought i would report anyways.


not a bug, you have to have morale of at least 4 to get a new hearthling

i understand that, but while the food and net worth requirements get slightly bigger every day, the morale is always at 4 it never changes.

moral not implented at the moment ^^

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It’s possible that’s by design. Since it’s out of 10, 4 is a little below average. It makes sense that the game is saying “you need to at least maintain this level of morale to get new settlers”. It makes sense for food requirements to go up (to support the new mouth) and net worth to go up (or everyone’s effective personal wealth would go down with each new person) but IMO it doesn’t make much sense for new people to get increasingly picky about morale - “as long as people are generally average or better in morale then new people come to join you” makes more sense to me than “you have a ton of food and wealth, but nobody wants to come to your town because everyone currently in it is only extremely happy, but you now arbitrarily need them to be ecstatic”.

Just my 2c


goto stonehearth\scenarios\dynamic\immigration_scenario\immigration_scenario.json - there you can change it - at the moment there are 4,0 - if you want you can set it to 10,00 or make an math.max state - but i dont know why you all scream for something … do it yourself (like lots of other peoples) or wait that it will be implented with a logical system … this is an alpha an the devs has lots todo on their list!

i wasn’t screaming, simply pointing it out encase it was forgotten :wink:


ok ^^ sry here it was 4 am and it was the first post after awakening xD

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He wasn’t screaming for something, he was reporting what he perceived to be a bug. Calm down.

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@SteveAdamo can you lock this thread. This is not a bug


ok, threads closed… and remember folks… we’re all on the same team!

group hug

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