Daily Report fails with exact number match

Here is another odd bug for you @yshan
woundering if @jomaxro , @8BitCrab or @Relyss have ever heard of something like this one

I must have gotten a set of messages in a row and missed the daily report. I ended up saving before I went thought all the notices and found this one that showed I met the requirements but never gave me a new Hearthling

heres the save in case :


I feel like I have seen this before…but my searches are failing thus far. Will keep looking.

I’m going to assume the problem here is the morale rating, as it’s exactly 4/4. Game behind the scenes may actually register it as 3.99, thus not giving it to him. Just a thought…


That’s kind of funny, but sucks if it’s a “serious” game.

it could also be a boundaries issue. you know, it’s set to

if (morale > 4)

instead of

if (morale >= 4)

forgot what the code for… code font was. eh.


If you take more than 10 hours (game time) to respond to the daily report, then no traveller will turn up. It looks like that is what happened here. They just don’t have good feedback as to what is happening yet.