Food/Morale Question

I searched these forums, wiki and google, but nothing seemed to answer my question completely:

My morale levels have never proven to be an issue, but I’m always curious by what determines it; more specifically food levels. I have 2 farmers and a cook working around the clock planting, harvesting, and maintaining a diverse food storage for my 22 villagers. However, no matter the quantity or diversity of my food stock, my morale for food has never surpassed 7/10. There are never any gripes about the food, so I’m curious on what factors play into determining this morale statistic.
Thanks much!~

I don’t think it’s all clear for anyone now, but two things that affect it are the amount of food and the diversity of it. As you can see when plating some crops, they tell you about how tasty it is, and also, cooked food is even tastier (gets better with your cook level)

Hmm… Last I played, even if it is not completely clear on specifics; it has a breakdown in the town overview screen. The big icon furthest left I believe.

Food, yes; you got that part of it.
Military or defense, basically how long hearthlings go without being attacked individually too much. It is averaged out from the individuals.
Wealth is also another factor; which I think is based on resources and things placed(structures & objects)

Those are the only things I could think of, might be wrong… Then again I think they are going to rework this or already going to rework how it interconnects. something like that.

I don’t know if all the factors count for morale but those are the primary factors to consider that might affect. At least for the current version. Someone else might know a bit more than I, since I hadn’t had a chance to play the recent version yet. So is primarily based on my experience on A16 and before. :slight_smile: