Morale:how does it work?

Ok so i started this on a previous topic post and decided to start up a separate thread so heres the original

As a mathematician I enjoy numbers and something about the morale is bugging me, how exactly is the overall morale worked out from these three?

I would presume each of the three is out of 10 and that the overall morale is the mean of these three (added all up and divided by three) but as you can see from the picture this isn’t the case.

In this case if it is worked out as an overall mean then my overall morale should be 5.8 not 5.2
(for the maths nerd like me 5+5.5+7=17.5 17.5/3=5.83 to 2d.p.)

I don’t understand how an overall morale can be lower than all the values put into it?

Edit: and to add to the question to keep it going, are each hearthlings morales done separately, and how do these contribute to the three subsections of the overall morale?

(oh and @TurtleSquish thanks for the advice sorry it took so long to sort out)

np, i’m afraid it was bad advice. Because one of the team responded on the other post that they will add this on the to be fixed on A12

here is a direct quote

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