Morale System Suggestions

The morale system… Something many games have and many games have failed to master. The great team of awsome have allready said that fear will be in the game but we don’t know how its going to work. Will they mess it up!? Will they come up with the greatest thing since um… Bread? Well here is how it should work:
A setteler have morale. When morale is really low they may betray, run away and won’t work as good. Soilders may also flee when they have low morale.
To get morale back up the setteler can: Eat, relax, sleep, interact with friends and may get a boost from some classes.
But we need mechanics dont we? And no im not going to be like “update!” Because thats annoying.
Here are sooooooome suggestions.

  • If a setteler sees a monster get killed hes morale goes up. He or she will tell her friends and their morale will go up(not as much). And if the oposite(sees a setteler get killed) the oposite will happen.

  • If a soilder kills lets say four nay five monsters he will inspire his/her men and those around her/him. When he/she dies morale goes down.

  • Lets say your village have been through some rough times. Monster attacks, death, starvation and other such things. They wont react as hard to something bad like a man lost his arm(it happens every day!). They have other things to worry about! Buuuuuuuuuuuut if something good happens they will become way happier then someone that have gropen up in peace and procfidbhbuddbu.

Bye and wait for updates! (Just kidding)

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