The Purpose and Use of Morale

I’m fairly new to the game and I don’t know much about the planned features that are going to be implemented into the game, and I’ve heard tell of a mechanic called “morale”. I know it means in literal terms, but I was just wondering where it will, or can, come into play inside Stonehearth. There’s been talk about it being gained through general happiness and well being, and lost by poor living conditions, but what bonuses (or debuffs) can be reaped by such a mechanic? Could there be minstrels to sing and raise morale? Or possibly mages who use the dark arts to suppress the happiness of your followers? Please educate me about this mysterious mechanic!

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As far as I know, happiness is starting to come into play as a mechanic, but the details on how it will affect your settlement aren’t completely clear at the moment.

hey there @DrWhonow … I would love to hear more about the proposed system as well…

in the meantime, here’s a few threads that touch on the subject:


Thanks @SteveAdamo! With this knowledge Tardistown will become the happiest settlement in the world!