[MOD] Gold count display

Hello everyone,

I have made this mod to show the sum of all gold that the hearthling’s town possesses.

The mod adds a treasure chest icon and a number indicating current gold reserves to the top left of the Stonehearth UI.

Version 1.0.0 release on github: stonehearth-gold-count-mod release v1.0.0

Direct link to the smod file: goldcountmod.smod


zomg that’s awesome thank you. so simple yet so useful. i wish you could add a daily update tracker to show village value and food total in there too.

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Thanks, @Kitkat_Matt:merry:

There is a daily update tracker mod available. It puts the information into the “town info” screen (search for “Daily Update Tracker”, I think).

yes i know about the DU Tracker mod. However the problem i have with the mod is during fairly late game gameplay the UI causes some fairly heavy lag when CLOSING the town info widow and since this game doesn’t let you just minimum and move UI elements around freely, scale them, etc i’m forced to constantly check the DU trakcer in the town info and then wait until it closes hoping it doesn’t freeze my game for too long :confused:

sounds like a bug with the town info screen :open_mouth:

:confused: :confused: :confused: there hasn’t been an update for DU Tracker for quite some time so i haven’t been able to update the mod i have installed for it.

Since you’re seemingly already going in that direction (even if it wasn’t your intention), could you perhaps make it a comprehensive list of all base resources, ala RimWorld’s resource list? The same filtering of resource types would be especially handy.


@ST34LTH, I’ve never played rimworld, unfortunately.
Can you give me a little more details about what you are looking for? Do you want it to display wood, stone, clay/clay bricks? Or you want it to be the inventory screen, but always displayed? Or something else? :merry:

I can’t talk talk for @ST34LTH, nor have I played Rimworld - but, when I read his comment I see it as a request to be able to select (somehow) what materials to display.
Gold, Wood, Stone, Clay, Ores, Food, etc; tick the (base) resources you want displayed and everything else is hidden.

I really like the idea for the mod and the “simplicity” of the mod itself - I will most likely not pick it up, but I have to give you props for producing it (mostly to please the mind of @Fornjotr I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:) and for executing it flawless!


I think what @Hamnisu suggested would work quite well; eg.:

The way it is in RimWorld however, should you be up for such a challenge, is a system of fairly simple indexing. As can be seen in the previous image, there are these 5 groups of resources (more can appear later in the game, with more resource variety) with arrows next to them. They show you how many items of any resource within that type/group of resources you have. If you click on an arrow, it expands to show all subcategories of resources under the it (or if there are no further grouping, the individual items themselves) and their numbers of items.

An example for how it could work for Stoneheart is as follows:

  • Resources
    – Wood
    – Stone
    – Ores
    ---- Copper Ore
    ---- Tin Ore
    ---- etc.
    – Metal/Alloy Ingots
    ---- Copper Ingots
    ---- Tin Ingots
    ---- Bronze Ingots
    ---- etc.
  • Foodstuffs
    – Raw Foods
    ---- Wheat
    ---- Berries
    ---- Apples
    ---- Meats
    ------- Rabbit Jerky
    ------- Pork
    ------- etc.
    ---- etc.
    – Cooked Foods
    ---- Bread
    ---- Vegetable Stew
    ---- etc.
  • Woodwork
    – Furniture
    – Storage
    – etc.
  • etc.

I think you get the gist of it

EDIT: Here is a picture that shows what I describe a bit better: link


While all the items would be quite informative, i would be glad if you had the time to add just the wood, stone, clay and fibers @illdred?

This is simply one of the best mods i have!

Thank you.

And here is a little something for you as a thank you:




I will see what I can do :merry:


I have something exactly like that based on this mod that i use for myself :))


SHARE IT THEN! :3 plzzzzzz


:exploding_head: youu!!! :crazy_face:

gimmie gimmie gimmie
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Well the code is really dirty and i am not the autor of the original code, but if i get his approval i can cleanup the code a bit and share it.


I honestly don’t like where you placed it, top left is the better spot, but even there is better than nothing.

yeah I wouldn’t hijack his thread, if you want pm me and I will use it until he updates this thread with the one in the better position (imo)


Well i can also move it but i did not like the way it overlapped the name of workbences and buildings tab

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yeah, seems to be a layering issue, it needs to be rendered before the menus not after
I honestly think you could downscale the icons to be half the size to save screen space, unless thats too much work

Seems i am too new and i cannot pm you but maybe i can respond, yeah i have already moved it for you and the icons are already smaller.