Mod/Dev Suggestion - Big Chest

I had an idea that would be super easy for either Team Radiant or one of our resident modders to implement.
Craft somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10,000 Gold into a decorative item using the “Big Chest” model from the Giant Zombie encounter.
Very similar to the Log Pile / Stone Pile, just a way to not have a million tiny chests of Gold laying around as well as adding a cool decoration for people’s vaults / treasuries. :slight_smile:


Although I’m not sure how viable “Gold as a crafting ingredient” is in the current back-end, so maybe it’s not so simple. :wink:

actually i’ve been meaning to look into something like this ever since the piles were first introduced, but i managed to get myself busy with other things… i’ll see about looking into it “soon”…

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My only concerns are whether or not Gold can be used to craft items as a resource, and whether it can be deconstructed to be spent. I’ve been having a ton of trouble deconstructing my Log Pile / Stone Pile back into usable materials, I think it might be even worse with Gold.

I’ve been investigating this, and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to refer to the gold/gold coins as a material.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. With the amount of gold that can be stockpiled, it’s probably saved somewhere in the game code as a float instead of an object. It’s probably possible to translate, but would take a lot of doing.
Oh well, it was a neat thought.

Can I have a shot at this for my Piles Plus mod?
Asking so I don’t steal other peoples projects.

If they ever get back to you, I’m pretty sure you can use coins for recepis.
You can call them via their uri.

I did this with tombstones when starting my mod-work.

Exactly, that is what I thought. I had a peek and it was “stonehearth:loot:gold”.