Item piles ( need more!)

I have to say, this helps out a ton for space and the item limit. but I think this is something that could be expanded on

ores and bars could have this done ( they also look nice as decorations)

coal and ores and bars could be piled into the same stack style as wood and stone. ( and clay I assume)

pelts/furs/skins could be 1x3 and hold 6?

nearly any item can be done this way.


though i don’t know if i’ll ever get it released, i am working on a mod for this, same one where i plan to look into the gold chest,

that being said, i definitely think its needed for the base game…


Agreed, I want this for more types of things, and for it to happen automatically - so I don’t have to manually stack piles of things : /.

well I like the fact you need to ‘craft’ and place

a mod is a nice idea but your right. it should be put in the main game
they do make nice decorations as well…

but you end up racking up a lot of pelts fomr trapping and even ores and bars stack up

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piles of bars/ingots could look like they do in Terraria(All stacked up), but in 3D.

Considering that the current piles need to be placed manually, I prefer the current system for only the basic resources (wood, stone, clay and even wheat). I do agree that things like ores, metal bars, and other food items need better stacking, but I would prefer a more automatic system. Maybe have some stacks within single items, as it is done for building supplies (like a single block of wood can be used for quite some blocks of ladder, scaffolding or wooden walls). But then hearthlings would have to be able restack these things, and split them for crafting again…

I’d say - if they can stack something, then they should. If they need to break it apart again, then they do. And if the player wants to create a stack, then it is created and will not be destroyed automatically. That way things naturally condense and decompress, and people can still manually condense if they want.

Maybe something like an “Ingot Pallet” where as you craft more, the stack grows higher. You could craft them as individual items like " Copper Pallet" “steel Pallet” etc, and place them where you like, and as you craft them your hearthlings fill them up and the graphic changes to reflect its more filled status. Think of a cross between a standard container, and how plants change sizes as they mature.

I am working on making a pallet in qubicle as we speak lol

I had the exact same thought I just dont know how to mod it


Well, I dont know much about coding, but I would assume you would make multiple versions, (say 5) or each the of ingots, so you would have empty copper pallet, quarter full copper pallet, half full copper pallet, three quarters full copper pallet, and full copper pallet. Then you have the game check to see how many bars are in the container and have it display whichever one is most suitable.

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the gold chests actually use something like that, so i can imagine you could easily use the same method it does, even just copying the gold files and doing a bit of renaming would probably work correctly…

see I was also thinking something like this as well.

Thus you can have different levels and have it something like stockpiles and the pallets would work similar to the scaffoling

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I don’t like pallets it doesn’t suit the stonehearth harmony make it simple like hood pile :wink:

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or something more fitting, like stonefortified field of 4x4 similar to stronghold

you wouldnt really stack another pallet on top as another layer, you would jut stack the contents. It also doesnt have to be a pallet specifically, you could do a wood/stone frame box for the same effect.


even the campfire model could be used just make it wider and a small sign with the item you store here.

I’m a much bigger fan of a pallet type idea cause I can see the items stored and enjoy the stacked up look versus cramming 126 items into a glass jar. There’s some definite witchcraft involved in that pottery process. Lol

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Hey ho, great idea, so i try to mod it and:

it worked :slight_smile: So, ähm… we could make a mod together. Everyone who want could make Voxelobjects and put it here and i make it playable :slight_smile: Or an idea with a picture were nice, so other people could build it (or i try it^^)

@Simica_Na if you want, i make you a script so you can mod it by your own :slight_smile: