Stacking items in stockpiles

This idea came to me while trying to build a village underground. I noticed that I was amassing stone faster than I could dig out more storage space, and even once I had a new stockpile dug out it was already half full of stone.

Even in other villages I had issues with having too much stuff and not enough space. (mainly because I’m weird about my storage and prefer to store things inside buildings (helps with goblins, fences are too fiddly, footmen are just one less worker in the earlygame)) I always end up with a 20x20 space filled completely with pelts at some point, or more flowers than I even know what to do with. (and that’s without farming them, too)

I’m just thinking, it would be really nice if it were possible to stack items. Maybe automatically, or maybe through some sort of crafting system that lets you put things in crates. I don’t really know.

As long as I don’t have 3 20x20 chambers completely filled with stone chunks, I’ll be happy. :smile:


i believe they are planing on adding chests at some point, not sure whether i made that up or not :stuck_out_tongue:

You need your own thread mate :laughing:

I do like the idea of stackable resources, but only items that would stack, unless you’re good at balancing chisels on top of each other!

I think that having them physically stacked up say 4 high to indicate how much is stacked there in that tile would be a good visual indicator of how much is there. The reason for 4 high is that is the mining height so that stockpiles in mines don’t clip with the ceiling. Then if you change the building vision mode to see through buildings or into mines that would hide the upper bits of the stacked items too so you could see through them as well.

Alternatively, the iconic form in the stockpiles could be made 4x smaller such that the 4 items for each tile are placed side-by-side in a small 2x2 area on the original tile.

Internally, though, there are already parameters that define a stack size for items but I’m not sure what, if anything, it’s used for right now.

Stacking raw materials like logs or stone is a good idea. For loose items, having a ‘carrier’ chest like item to store them in would be better. Stacking fruit in baskets, tools in boxes &c.

You could have a pelt rack for storing your pelts, just an idea.