Gold Piles as a Storage Mechanic

A while back I saw that there where plans to add gold coins to Stonehearth. I saw this on the Stonehearth Development blog. The thing is that when it was shown stockpiles were (and still are) the only storage method. In that case, all of the gold was in small baskets in a grid.

After seeing the baskets I remembered seeing the inner walls of Erebor on The Hobbit. If anyone has experience storing large quantities of gold it’s the dwarves. So how did they deal with this “issue”? Piles. Because gold isn’t like berries or apples. It comes from the cold earth like coal or stone. Don’t put it in cute little baskets. Put it in a massive glimmering heap!

The hearthians can use baskets for carrying gold, they they can hurl the contents onto the massive pile with a cool swinging animation. And the gold trickles down using a similar physics system to Sugar, Sugar 1 & 2.

All you have to do is select a center point for the various piles (which should be used for ores as well) and your hearthians gently heave your fortune into the pile.

Here’s a handy diagram I made just for this:

So live like a dwarf and store your gold the way it was intended to be stored. In a pile!

Warning:Questions may be answered with colorful diagrams


I agree with this it’s quite weird to have gold in baskets and it’s always stored in massive piles

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While I like the idea of having a Scrooge McDuck style vault, I don’t think this can be reasonably implemented. An alternative is having 5 or so different models, similar to what you’d see in something like Clash of Clans where when the pile is x% full, it swaps to a model of a bigger pile.

When storage bins are coded in, the above suggestion could be modded in easily, I’d say


I was thinking the gold could naturally fall into place with each small voxel representing say ~five coins. Once it stops falling the pile can “solidify” into one sorta entity until something changes and the gold voxel regain there “trickle mechanic”. This way it doesn’t eat up resources when idle.

PS: This was a long-term goal and i didn’t think it would be implemented soon

PPS: Your lucky I didn’t answer with a colorful diagram


I’ve seen this done with gibs before, where they’d disappear and be painted onto the ground surface. Quite effective!

Better than you answering with colourful language :smile:


I honestly think this should be relevant for other stones and ores as well.


Is this what you had in mind @TurtleSquish.

Great minds think alike. Just don’t use Your powers for evil. Unless your Darth vader, he’s pretty cool.


too much gold should trigger dragons!


What is this, The hobbit?

Are you apposed to the ways of middle earth @Azhrak?

In other words…

“Your lack of faith disturbs me.”

Don’t forget the ilusive “dragon’s disease” @krbrowning Even the heartiest hearthian isn’t immune to its dreadful grip.