Gold shouldn't stack higher than 100

I really loved it when gold in stockpiles didn’t stack. Going into your mountain base and seeing a single gold bucket representing thousands of coins just doesn’t have the same visual appeal as a good old 10*10 stockpile full of gold bullion. I understand that gold tends to build up, becoming a pain to store, but now that we can have 256 sized chests, players who would rather be space efficient could store 25,600 coins in a single chest (if stacks of 100 were created). Meanwhile, players who enjoy creating a treasure trove can do some dwarven hording. Whaddya think?


Perhaps we could have as an item, a stack of gold ingots, like the clay and wheat and logs?

Then they could be placed on Hearth. It would be great if they were extra sparkly. :merry:

Edited to add: However, please don’t completely remove the stacking of gold by the thousand inside the chests! :slight_smile: Later in game it could be a problem if it didn’t stack up nicely.


I agree. I’ll ask around and see if we can make a change.


You should check out MaraRose’s Container Mod there are treasure piles/vaults that double as storage containers along with other crafter specific storage that will bring an incredible amount of life to your towns. I believe that will suit your needs. Not sure if gold counts towards the inventory count, but if it does current late game inventory space taken up by piles of gold would be painful.

As far as I can tell, each stack of 1,000 gold coins takes up only one space. Each wheat bale and wood log pile also takes up one space, while holding more pieces.

Yup just checked, but if this change were reverted my 16087 coins which take up 17 inventory slots would instead take up 170. I’m kinda like Merrill from Rune Soldier…“You don’t spend it! YOU SAVE IT!”…don’t judge me. :forlorn:

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@Logo I’m the same way. While a pile of gold ingots would be a great decoration in certain situations, getting rid of the gold coins in trade for it would not work. :merry:

After all, the gold coins are not the same thing as the crafter-produced gold ingots.

If possible have an option to toggle that between 100 500 or 1000? The item itself really doesn’t change model it’s only a hard limit right?

Yeah, we could make it an option. I do kind of like the idea that, if you have a lot of gold currency, it takes up some amount of space though. 100 might be too low, but 1000 probably is too high, with the current economy. I’ll revisit this once we do an economy pass on the game as a whole.


That’s understandable. Once the mid/late game gets ironed out a bit more and there are gold sinks I prolly won’t end up sitting on so much. In the long run how much space it takes up isn’t gonna matter as much.

The point is not that you wont be sitting on it, the point is that you can and thats what matters <3

Well, yeah. I meant I personally would no longer have an issue with all the gold taking up inventory space, if it were in smaller stacks, because I’ll have a gold sink. Unless I wanted to use it for decoration. :merry:

This I think should be optional as more items in the world cause more lag. I for one do my best to reduce lag, and a feature like this would end up making large cities unplayable for me or anyone else that suffers from lag.