Curency merchant

If you have been going with your town for a while and start to creep up on the town inventory limit, you might be inclined to sell of some of your stuff. But that doesn’t help very much, scince you’ll get baskets of gold coins in return for any trade you make, you’ll still have to store those as items.
So my suggestion is two more types of currencies; basket of platinum coins and basket of diamonds (respectivly worth 10 and 100 times as much as a basket of gold coins) to condense the same monetary value into less items.

To convert the gold to platinum or diamonds, you need to buy it from an currency merchant. If you need to pay another merchant gold, but all you have is platinum, you can trade 10 gold from the merchant for ten gold, and pay with that gold for what you want to buy.


Each count in your inventory slot for coins contains 1000. A full chest of coins would have 64,000 in it. I couldn’t Imagine anyone has played a game where money takes up so much inventory it’s negatively affecting game play. I could be wrong, but when trying to optimize my inventory, my first question is usually along the lines of “do I really need 200 poyo pot pies?” and not, “that chest of gold is really bogging me down.”

A suggestion that will make my treasure room have more variety in sparklies?! YEEEES


It’s not uncommon for me to have 50,000 gold laying around, and I don’t really play super long games or try to hoard gold excessively. That’s 50 items in the town inventory. Since I usually play with 20-24 hearthlings, I have a good bit of inventory space, but someone playing with only 12-15 might find themselves close enough to the item limit that freeing up 40 spaces would be nice. It’s understandable.

Just because a chest holds 64 items, that doesn’t mean it only counts as 1 thing toward your inventory limit, right? (haven’t played in a few weeks, if that’s changed recently I didn’t know). It makes sense to not want your gold to press on your item limit, and a full chest would be 65 items used.

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You’re right. That is becaue the game has to keep track of what is in the chest, for the occasion that something inside it is needed.

More sparkles. Always more sparkles.


Jeremy? Is that you?

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I can’t even with this reference. I love Secret of NIMH.

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