Gold containing chests

Right now we get gold everytime we sell something. In my 20 day game I got about 50 stacks of gold in my stockpiles.
Maybe we could let the carpenter make a 2x2 chest that can contain 1500-2000 gold. It would be more realistic and safe a lot of space.


hmm… i like this idea, it would go well with the medieval/fantasy feel of the game, and also fit in well with the crates we will be getting eventually. (please correct me if im wrong about the crates)


That is a good idea but if the massive inflation did not happen (cough See anything wrong with this caravan offer? cough)
Then that wouldn’t be a problem at all!

We also need the blacksmith to be able to craft coins! :smile:

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wasnt that suggested before? by you…?

Yes… Thought I’d bring it up again… This needs to be noticed…

okay then… just seems like a strange place to bring it up.

someone should ask about it in a stream or something…

Yes… They said it was planned long, long, ago… They have forgotten… Plus I never make it to the streams… I just watch the archives… Why do we keep talking in italics…

[quote=“FerretBandit, post:8, topic:12292”]
Why do we keep talking in italics…
[/quote]because, makes it seem like were whispering…? except for the fact that it doesnt…

edit: and once again i seem to have completely derailed a thread, sorry bout that @jellevmourik :grimacing:

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