Traders with value

The trader who comes to visit should bring more interesting stuff, than what I already have. Who wants to buy a fox pelt when I already have 100 in store?

And what do I use my gold for then? when I get probably one hour into the game I have nearly 1000 gold. What do I use it for?

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Melt it and make goldbarres and then build a Gold house :wink:

Hmmmmmm while i write this i thinked thats funny but now… Why not make a Mod out of this xD


Now i gotta make a gold house then…

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I thought it was fine, but then again I have been playing around with the new faction. As thy don’t usually start out with the knife. I don’t usually choose it, even if was a choice for it; at least for raiya’s children.

Doing that I actually bought the skins from that specific trader to resale the leather I was making from them. I do the same with cloth if it wasn’t for having silkweed nearby. Still sell the cloth but don’t really by the components.

I would like to see more types of traders, as I have seen one that sells furniture form the ascendance (spelling?) faction. Wondering if there is a trader that comes from the raiya’s children that sells their clay stuff to the 1st faction when playing as them.

I wouldn’t mind seeing other ones they sell various goods to say the least, as it seems on if I need this or that. I’m sure there will be more in the future, or would hope so anyway. Having a variety of traders come by is always nice. It is like a market, seeing what I like and buying or just accumulation of gold. Just would be nice if there was a gold pile type storage that would show piles of coins and/or a chest that would overflow if over half full. :slight_smile:


That’d be awesome, having a ‘treasury’ with that in it would be pleasing aesthetically compared to the current method of either stuffing it in a container where it’s invisible or displaying it on the floor with stockpiles.

But more on topic I was actually thinking about this recently myself, and came up with the idea that maybe having more wealth in the form of gold could bring more and/or larger waves of enemies (if you aren’t playing peaceful). This would give reason for expanding your barracks and build defenses too as currently the game dribbles off at the end of the trained wolves ‘quest’.

I’m assuming the slight lack of variety in traders is due to the early state of the game still though, still many classes to come and I’d guess many more items to come with them.

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I like this idea, this makes one wants to use his/hers gold in order not to be overwhelmed by enemies. But its also adds the risk to save up for a huge/epic item that should be worth the risk

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there was actually a discussion about the thought of gold piles awhile back,