[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday Job Changes and Shops

Awesome sauce.



le squee!

kicks back … presses play

edit: certainly curious to hear some of TR’s ideas on balancing profession changing … lots of options there!

and an excellent introduction for the stores! :smiley: :+1: i’m curious though, (once “discovered”) will they always remain and be accessible via the notifications tab, or will there perhaps be another means of accessing shops?


Well, if they are eventually rolling up with their (Probably adorable) caravans pulled by llamas, I’d assume they might stay a few days before moving on to other cities. (Assuming a goblin raid doesn’t slaughter them).

That makes sense to me at least, forcing the players to really decide in a somewhat short amount of time what is important to buy or sell… or if they should wait for the next caravan to spend their hard earned gold.


indeed, makes sense to me! i am really excited about all the opportunities this opens up though, possibly for permanant additions to your settlement, etc.

Hey there [Town Name]! It seems you have a thriving community. Perhaps I should setup shop here?

[accept] you get a new unit of type “shopkeeper” who has, perhaps, said wagon of goods… he then can replenish supplies at various points in time…


Looks good to me :slight_smile: .

Definitely agree with the principle of getting the shop interaction working before the wagons appear in-game as well.

Couple of things I’ll add that I think will improve this:

  1. Specifying where the traders should set up shop.
  2. Asking traders to bring ____ next time they visit.
  3. Bargaining, rather than just having fixed prices.

Do i hear a possible “Trader” class for this? :smile:


A few things I’m hoping to see eventually with the gold chests:

1. The ability to see the numerical value of gold present in each ‘chest’ of gold–since this is a specific, recorded number used to buy things (and not just a log of wood), I’d like to be able to see how this is divided in my stockpiles via either a game option or a specific view mode, such as the zone/stockpile view.

2. Consolidation of gold chests–since this is something that will constantly be collected and exchanged, it’s likely the player will end up with incomplete or partially-filled “chests”, taking up stockpile space for other possible items. A command to consolidate all loose gold/minerals/etc. would help minimize this. It could have varying levels of intensity, from affecting a single stockpile (so a possible trait for zone creation/editing) to multiple sources throughout the city or world, with maybe a distance limit.

3. The ability to split chests into specific values–this wouldn’t be immediately as important, but it would work well for possible requests in the future for certain amounts of gold or tribute to other groups, which may involve zones to specify it or actually have a physical unit come and collect it. Either that, or you can split your chests into really small amounts and spread them everywhere, so you look really rich to your friends.


Loving the little sparklies that the gold gives off.
Profession changing looks good too, although Scarlett was not sure what to do with the appearing trapper knife lol. :smile:


yeah, i would think it would be relatively “simple” to show your settlement’s gold totals on the town view, and then an individual total on a single chest’s information bar (left-hand corner)…

ha! yeah, it took her a while, but she eventually dropped it into that stockpile… she was probably just thinking deeply aboutsuch a life-changing event, going from a trapper to a farmer… likely wondering if the unit was having a mid-lifegame crisis…


lovely just lovely :smiley:

Regarding profession changes:

I unfortunately do not know who the speaker is, let’s just refer to him as “him”. He said that they do not want us to change everybody to a fighter before a fight begins, but I really do not see a downside of that.

  1. In reality, a real king would do that if he is in need of more
  2. The “new” soldiers who usually work as farmers or carpenters or whatever will be worse than real soldiers.
  3. You need to have the equipment to make them a soldier.

So why would you actually disallow doing that especially if all these people will be less experienced than “real” soldiers or whatever?

that would be @Tom

El Capitan, Ol Blue Eyes … very rarely referred to as “Jeff”…

i’ll have to rewatch, but i think the idea is that they want to balance the professions swapping in order to avoid hitting the “easy button” whenever your settlement runs into trouble… the idea being that the player should have to make some difficult choices when assigning those various roles…

and something like this seems like a perfectly acceptable test case… if the player is allowed to immediately change units to soldiers, given them a significant disadvantage in the role…


That’s what the Defend Button is for. They don’t become soldiers, they just pick up their hoes and saws and start hacking away. You still can use them as “Military” units, just not as proper soldiers.


Added neatness of Mobile shop-keep. When Tom made mention of this shop-keep feature the first thing I saw on the screen in my imagination was 2 horses pulling an almost gypsy-like caravan with trinkets hanging off the side. I wonder if you guys would even look at it as depending what type of mobile shop keep the caravan might have a different look and feel. Either way I like what I see keep up the good work

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I do have to ask a question though. Why shops? Why wouldn’t I make all the things I need. Doesn’t this cheapen the tech tree? I buy it instead of make it? I’m just not sure how this improves gameplay.

You’ve got a point there, but i feel like that’s just a short term handling. If you know that there will be a fight in let’s say 3 days, you will try to get your citizens some real weapons if needed.

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who’s to say the shop might not offer something unique? :wink:

and the scenario @Tom went through was for those players who, for example, decide to focus on farming… they can leverage all that excess and purchase weapons and armor (instead of having to invest in that tech tree)…

Edit: This was supposed to be a reply to @Ramcat.

There are a number of advantages.

Let’s say I abhor mining and just want to build a town. Well, I need iron or whatever to build some stuff but there’s none to be had. Since I’m not mining I’m probably excelling at farming or whatever…so I just sell my extra food and buy the iron.

It also offers a means of creating renewable resources. There might not be many rare gems to be found but a trader can offer me a way to obtain infinite gems (at some cost and based on quantity available).


[quote=“Ramcat, post:15, topic:8013, full:true”]I do have to ask a question though. Why shops? Why wouldn’t I make all the things I need. Doesn’t this cheapen the tech tree? I buy it instead of make it? I’m just not sure how this improves gameplay.
If nothing else, it makes those games where you embark in some awful iron-ore-free zone less problematic.


@SteveAdamo, @Teleros, @jonzoid

Ok, I get that - unique items, alternate play styles, and world generation issues all get handled by a market place. It does seem to me that it could make the player a bit lazy. A hundred pumpkins for a breastplate? DEAL!!! And I’ve missed out on the work it took to make a breastplate.

I would think things should be quite expensive to balance laziness, but I can see that this could improve gameplay for unique items and alternate play styles. As Team Radiant will have all the bugs out of the world generation algorithm ;). Yes, that was a joke - engineer to engineer.