Faces on "Event" Merchants, as with Goblins/Etc

I don’t know whether or not the current pop-up system for traveling merchants and their “Let me trade you X for Y in Z days!” quests is meant to stay, but I’d love to see them spruced up just a little;

-Show a face for the merchant, as you do with the Goblin campaign. They might be given random faces/names in the future, but until then getting to look at Farmer Jeb would be nice. If we ever get any kind of facial expressions/animations, this’ll be a good place to put that as well!

-Show icons for desired and offered items. This is also a feature that’d be nice for the Goblin demands. I’ll often struggle to read the fine print to see what a merchant is offering or requesting.

-Add merchant/traveler deals with unknown/less tangible benefits. Not all the time, obviously, but it’d be a good way to spice things up and give a risk/reward element. For example, unlocking crafting recipes or acquiring unique items.


Would love to see the various merchants get their own unique models! Maybe even a community gathering to submit ideas in a little fun contest to design them! Maybe giving a game as a reward. ( to give to a friend and spread the stonehearth fun ) Or a chance to have their name be part of the generated name list?

I think they originally wanted those people to actually visit your town with their own model but i think they scrapped that idea or something as nothing has been said about it for awhile.

yep, that’s the plan, the market stalls are the first step towards it happening with all traders. :smile:

well the team has had their hands full with fixing building/scaffolding bugs and such, so they haven’t exactly had the time to add in merchants showing up at your town…

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Oh, neat! Is there a chance we’ll see merchant faces on shop menus too, above all the masonry goods and whatnot? Or inversely, that goblins might walk up to your town/outside your gates when they make their demands?

that would probably be a lot easier than having the model show up, definitely would be nice though, that way if you have multiple merchants show up at once you know which is which :smile:

when the campaign was first introduced the chief actually did “poof” into your town after you closed the dialogue box, then he wandered back to his camp… i think it had/caused problems though…

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I don’t remember that :astonished: (but it might have happened and they changed it soon, I’m sleep deprived - my memory is failing me lately :sweat:).

I like the suggestions on the OP :slight_smile: I also struggle to read the merchant requests.

well i’m also sleep deprived, so maybe i’m just making stuff up now :sweat_smile: but i’m pretty sure the chief would walk back to his camp after the dialogue or something… that was when the camps used to spawn half on the sides of cliffs, spawn two on top of each other, and all those other goblin camp bugs…