Where are you merchants?

In a some-what recent stream, some people (including myself) mentioned wanting to have travelling merchants that are actually visible. Our friendly neighborhood stonehearth team members said the issue with that would be the merchants being attacked. This is where things got interesting. Mentions of merchants fleeing, coming back with guardians to protect him from monsters, and even stealing from the merchant started sprouting up. This is where the event tree comes in. Here are many things players could do that would effect gameplay:

  • Rob a caravan or two out of desperation
  • Help protect the merchant for a special reward
  • Question him about where he came from to expand your relations with other empires/races.
  • Rob every caravan that comes your way (or tries to stay out of your way) and become a band of merry thieves!
  • And much more!

So, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see yall’ later!


That seems really cool! Taking a twist of things by becoming glorious thieves.

Here’s another idea-
Once you’ve plundered 3-4 caravans/merchants every merchant that you confront after that would mention you and say of all the bad comments they’ve heard from neighboring empires.

I think this is a great idea. I’m hoping merchants eventually become real characters, with the accompanying wagons or yaks with saddlebags/whatever.

If you plunder two or even one caravan, I think civilizations would stop sending merchants to you! :smile:

There’s actually a similar sort of discussion happening over here about the idea of merchants travelling to towns physically: Nearby towns and merchants

I do know there will be the bunny race which will be a neutral race, so I’m sure there will be some trading implementation with them. I agree with you in that being able to protect the caravans would be fun concept into the game. It would also allow for people who care about trading in the game have a reason to put the resources into protection, while people who don’t care about trading can just ignore them and let them be attacked (you monster)

On that note, I wonder if it’s too difficult to just have a mercenary follow the trader around. If you’re travelling long distances in a hostile environment, It stands to reason that you would hire someone to protect you from danger.

I don’t think the bunny race should be the only one to trade with. You could get trade deals from other empires or even the one you left ever so long ago…
As for being thieves, what you would do is attack caravans that came to you town or are on a trade route nearby your town.